You're in the middle of passionate sex when you call out your ex-girlfriend's name. And you see that flying out the window? There's your credibility right there, and with it, the chances of you getting it on again with your girl. For the next few weeks, at least.

Accidents happen, but they can be avoided. Especially when it comes to sex, these slip-ups not only turns off the opposite gender, but may be detrimental to your relationship too. Here are some "accidents" that is bound to turn her off faster than saying "I'm sorry". Take heed -- you won't be warned again.

Turn-off #1: Saying an ex's name
She'll throw you out of bed in no time. This is something that should never happen if you can help it. Every woman wants to think that she is the only one for you. The only one you think about, the only one you fantasize about, the only one that you call her name while having sex with. Sure, she knows that you've had past sexual encounters, but she'd rather not hear about them. Period. No mentioning of their names, and especially not when you're having a romp between the sheets.

If you do happen to make this huge blunder, there's not much you can do but be extremely apologetic. Massage her feet and take her out for a romantic dinner. And don't stop until she forgives you. She will eventually, but she'll need to know that she's the only one for you and that it was an honest mistake that is never to repeat itself again.

Turn-off #2: Excessively aggressive behaviour
In other words, being a selfish brat. You're not the only man in the universe and her needs and desires are just as important as you are. Throwing a tantrum or forcing your will upon her by being aggressive will turn her straight off.

You want something, ask nicely. Never threaten her with aggression and treat her with respect. To force the issue negates everything a healthy sex life is based on: communication, trust and desire.

Turn-off #3: Begging her to do things she doesn't want to do
Being aggressive is a big turn-off but a begging man isn't that much different. If you want something that she isn't keen on, then you need to talk about it outside the bedroom and establish whether you actually have a chance at getting it or not. Begging for sexual favours is not sexy, it's crass. Don't do it.

Turn-off #4: Poor hygiene
Women's sense of smell is keener than yours and can tell the sex pheromone from body odour. Getting down and dirty is one thing but being unhygienic is just gross and uncool. So shower at least once a day. If she's feeling a little frisky, she needs to know that she's not going to encounter a cheese-smelling monster. One bad experience, and the only sex you'll get is from your porn collection.

Turn-off #5: Being grabby
Touching a woman is one thing, grabbing at her like a dog grabbing its chew toy is another. It is sometimes embarassing, sometimes painful and often highly unappealing. She's a woman, so treat her like one - with tenderness, love and care. Know how to turn her on nicely and she'll give you a romping good time. But touch all the wrong buttons, and... Well. No sex for you.

Turn-off #6: Keeping your clothes on while she strips
Unless she's doing a strip tease for you, I suggest you follow suit when she's shedding off her clothes. Don't let her stand there buck naked while you're fully dress, it'll only make her feel uncomfortable. And the faster you two are out of your clothes, the faster you can start getting it on.

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