You feel like getting something special for your girlfriend and if you are so bold as to pick lingerie as your gift of choice, well, good on you. However, a word of caution: Because lingerie is very personal, it is extremely important that you get it right lest you end up making her feel uncomfortable or worse, insult her. And once you do, you'll be rewarded with extra points, or even better, some sexy time with her.

Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect lingerie for your girl.

Tip #1: Get her size right
It is absolutely crucial that you get this step right. If you buy something too small, she'll know that you didn't do your homework; if you buy something too big, you've probably just sent an invitation to the Grim Reaper asking for an early death because it'll mean you think she's bigger than she really is.

Either way, she's going to be insulted and you're going to be branded "The Insensitive Jerk".

So, pay attention. Rummage in her underwear drawer and examine the labels. Now, her lingerie sizes are not going to be simply labeled S, M, & L. You will need her bra cup size and her underwear size.

Tip #2: Get her style right
If your girl is a little shy, buying her a daring black leather corset probably won't sit too well with her. If she loves being adventurous and a little wild, getting her lacy pinks will make her cringe. Get her style right and she will enjoy your thoughtfulness. Take your time and do a little research. If she doesn't like it, the lingerie will more likely sit at the back of her underwear drawer. Or maybe she'll give it away. But find her something she loves and it'll easily be one of the best investments that a man can make.

Tip #3: Buy for her body type
There is nothing worse than trying on a beautiful set of lingerie and finding it is totally unsuitable for your body type, with bits that you don't want to be flaunting sticking out, things being too tight or loose at all the wrong places. Before you get that set of lingerie, imagine your girl not only being in love with them, but looking foxy as hell in it.

a) For the tall and slim
Anything that has a horizontal line across the belly (like a corset or garter) works for tall ladies because it draws attention to curves i they are a little straight-edged.

b) For the voluptuous and big-busted
A corset supports the bust and brings out great cleavage in a very tasty manner, all while enhancing the small curve of the waist and flattening the stomach. But make sure to buy good quality because they are extremely complex and need to be done up tightly, so any shoddy workmanship will be visible very quickly.

c) For the big and round
A sexy little negligee suits more voluptuous women and a babydoll teddy will easily hide a big tummy or butt. She will be able to feel at ease knowing she still looks beautiful showing off her proud assets while not worrying that she's flaunting more than she wants to show. Pick dark colours as they are more slimming and avoid anything too see-through.

d) For the athletic and slim
Sexy boy shorts or booty shorts add curves to an athletic figure and accentuate a great butt. These really don't need anything else, as they are perfectly delectable all on their own. But beware: Don't buy booty shorts for your girl unless you are sure she will look hot in them. They are made for nice bottoms and unless you're sure she wants attention drawn to her booty, don't buy them!

e) For other types
Remember to pick something that enhances to her best assets while hiding big belly or thighs. Keep in mind that dark colours are slimming while light colours draw attention to potential bulges. And for those not blessed with the gift of height, create length by having slits in the sides of gowns and negligees.

Tip #4: Final touches
a) Choosing colours
Most women can pull off white, red or black and thankfully nearly all lingerie comes in these colours. And also, your girl's hair colour may help you while choosing as well. Blondes often suit pastel colours but brunettes need stronger colours to set them of. Redheads are complemented by green, blue and earthy tones.

b) Choosing textures
Lace, satin and silk are "safe bets" because they are very feminine, not too wild or over-the-top and feel beautiful on the skin.

PVC is daring, though it can be difficult to find the right size, as it is not a very flexible material and can produce bags and sags in all the wrong places.

Lycra is very tight and bulges can be a bit too obvious, so beware. If she's not very happy with her figure, something see-through may make her uncomfortable so it's safer to opt for a more opaque fabric.

Velvet is nice on the skin and can be very sexy, making it a reasonably safe choice.

And perhaps the easiest way to tell if the texture is suitable, always touch it before buying it; if you like it, she probably will too. (we all have a similar tactile sense).

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