If you're frustrated about your girl's low sex drive lately, there may be many different causes that you have to understand. There is no way to tell which exactly is lowering her libido but here are a few possible causes.

1. Psychological hindrances
Stress, anxiety, a fight that you may have had recently... Women's libido is highly affected by her psychological being and if she's not feeling her best, her sex drive will indefinitely suffer. If confidence her hindrance, convince her that she is beautiful. Never make her feel as if it is her fault and seek to solve the problems that may have occurred between the two of you.

2. Physical health
Women who exercise regularly and have proper diets have higher sex drives and also experience less severe PMS or period pains. Of course, it would be insensitive if you told her to exercise regularly, not to mention ruin your sex life even further, so why not engage in more physical activities together like going for jogs or wall climbing? Lead a healthier lifestyle and you're on your way for a more fulfilling sex life too.

3. PMT
Like PMS, it can affect her in the week or days before her period. All women to a certain extent, experience hormonal changes during this time. Their behaviour becomes irrational, illogical, emotional and fraught with tension and anxiety. It's a whirlwind of moodswings and her sex life can be greatly affected.

Many other causes are known to affect female libido, whether significantly or subtly. Other causes include recreational drugs, oral contraceptive pills, illnesses and disorders.

The key to making her feel better during her frail times is to be as sensitive as you can and make her feel that she is still wanted and loved.