You may think it's common sense seeking advice from women on women, but this is what you don't realise: Women tend to sugar coat things because they don't want to seem too brutal or inconsiderate. The best way to find out is to have first hand experience.

These are just a few advice that you shouldn't (always) take from women.

1. "Just be yourself"
Sure, you can be yourself if you're not lame, insensitive, brutally honest, a liar, shallow, unhygienic... And the list goes on. Women want to see themselves as mature individuals who see beyond the facade the guy puts on while dating but come on, no one is their actual self when they're first meeting someone they're attracted to! And most of the time, the person we're attracted to is highly unlikely to be who they are, say, one year down the road.

Conclusion: Women want to get to know the real you, but only to a certain extent.

2. "We're just looking for nice guys"
Obviously, this rings true but to a certain extent. No woman wants to end up with an asshole who doesn't treat her right. So, why can't we take this advice? Actual scientific studies show that a woman's conscious ideal of what she's looking for in a man more often than not doesn't match the type of man she ultimately goes for when present with real-life choices. They think they want Mr. Nice Guy but when it comes down to it, they are more attracted to the guy who's just a little mysterious and a teensy bit arrogant.

Conclusion: Nice guys are all OK, but it's the bad boys that women want more.

3. "I like that you have female friends"
You know what, when she says this, just ignore it because it's an actually very contradictory statement to what she really feels toward your female friends. She might act all buddy- buddy with your female friends when in her mind, she's probably thinking of a way to sabotage your friendship with her. Your girl wants to be the only female perspective you need in your life, apart from mother dearest that is. But of course, this doesn't mean that you have to stay away from having any female confidantes, it just means that you have to tread lightly when the issue is broached.

Conclusion: Be sure to mention the words "annoying", "ugly" and any bad adjectives when you bring up female friends in conversations with your lady.

4. "I don't really care about Valentine's day or anniversaries"
Follow this advice and you'll get the deathly silent treatment for a long time. This is an outright lie. She can say that she's totally cool with not celebrating, she's always hoping and expecting you to recognise them in some way.

Conclusion: Keep those important dates checked! Even if she really does think they're dumb, you still earn brownie points for remembering special events. It's a win-win situation!

With that being said, you should realise that women give these advices out of their best intentions. Not all advice given by women are totally unreliable, just be aware of your source.