Mr. Perfect, there actually is no such thing (but many women don't know that) - so now that I have let that cat out of the bag lets talk about how we can get as close to being Mr. Perfect through attitude and behavior as possible.

My point is that with the common misconception many woman have that there's this Mr. Perfect out there who can sweep them off their feet with seductive attitude, it hurts many average guys chances of ever hooking up.

However, take an average guy and give him some attitude, a haircut, and some new kicks, and suddenly he's in the running; being Mr. Perfect all starts with creating the right first impression, and then playing to the woman's expectations, which then solidifies the initial impression you made.

(If that last sentence was a mouthful, that's because it's more advanced in the psychology behind seduction than anything you'll find on the site.) Our book explains this in great detail, fool proof methods any man can use for becoming Mr. Perfect, who takes the time to actually try.

Now, for those who think they are Mr. Perfect and thought this article was about you remember this, the more you think you are Mr. Perfect the farther away you are from ever being Mr. Perfect. Making YOU a "really good guy" starts with EFFORT. Men who strive to be better or that make the effort are my first candidates for becoming Mr. Perfect.

Being attractive to women and creating seduction comes in psychological layers. Often it is the things we take for granted that women will notice before we can realize why they won't return our calls anymore. Mr. Perfect is "a man with a plan" who has a goal and knows that it takes work to get it.

Even if you are a high-end woman chaser the simple fundamentals of "PRESENTATION" will keep the funnel full of candidates.

Girls want to get laid too, someone needs to step up.

How Mr. Perfect Taps Into Her Sexual Instinct

Mr. Perfect starts his path to the big leagues by taking action, not talking action. Put up or shut up is the rule. Mr. Perfect must, absolutely must do the work to get the attention of many females.

Through sheer "NUMBERS" the females will eventually anoint you with the title of Mr. Perfect to their girlfriends when they talk behind your back. They will sing, "He is such a gentleman and he even was a bit of a tease - it drove me crazy"!

That is what you want them saying and much more. Mr. Perfect is not about the behavior you have with one woman, it is the personality you develop with ALL women. "All the world is a stage and we are merely players". That quote means that everyone sees us in their own view as we act out our lives, and they do see us.

Do you go to the grocery store on Sunday for the newspaper dressed in scrappy flip flops or un-matching socks with a big salsa stain on your jeans and sweat stains under your arms? I don't want to sound like a friggin' metro sexual but Mr. Perfect never looks like shit.

He looks good on his way to buy tampons for his sister or just taking out the trash (the latter applies to urban living). Get better about how you look in public at all times because you never know when a gorgeous gal will be outside picking up her dog's shit and look up and see your handsome ass throwing away last nights pizza box and empty beer cans.

I call this effort the "X" factor - looking cool, hip, or hot no matter what - because too many men think this is "too much work". Pussy ain't bitches!!!

Mr. Perfect is also "MR. MANNERS"
- I kindly request that you take that matter to heart. See how I told you diplomatically what to do? All things publicly verbal must be polite. Be "OLD SCHOOL" - women love this.

Since most of us frequent the same services such as grocery stores and local retailers it is no secret you may see the same girl over and over again. It is important that each time you run into her she sees Mr. Manners with the X factor. Always use PLEASE & THANK YOU no matter what. Do your best not to show anger or impatience while in public and most of all <<>> BE GENEROUS.

Mr. Perfect, in short, is the sexiest 'Nice Guy'

Mr. Perfect will always give up his seat to someone who needs it, he will open a door even for another MAN, and in mixed company will pay slightly MORE than his share of the bill so there is no question he is no cheapskate. You do not have to be wealthy to "be generous" it is more about a behavior and being "unselfish" than being forfeiting.

For those of you new to the art of seduction (the art of attracting the opposite sex), you've been taught by many sites that women want jerks and nice guys finish last. The truth is, pussy nice guys finish last -- but 'strong' nice guys with the right attitude most always come out ahead of the competition.

What does it really cost you to be nice? How much extra time does it take to let someone go before you or help them? "Yes, please" & "Thank you very much" are only 6 extra words, are you too busy to say them? Sounds simple because it is simple, and after a while it becomes effortless.

Solely by my manners alone I am often asked, "What college did you attend"? Be generous with your words - be generous with your actions - and don't be tight with your money. This creates "APPEAL". (Assuming of course you don't dress like a dork and do dress to look good -- covered indepth in our book).

So how do you get other women to want YOU? You have to "appeal" to them. If Mr. Manners with the X factor is super polite and not cheap he may just be Mr. Perfect.

The last item to wrap this package up in a nice little bow is, be generous with your "SMILE". If you do go to the grocery store as I mentioned earlier then the only thing I can say is, "smile, smile, and smile". Nothing appeals to a woman more than a man who looks happy (not gay, just happy).

Women equate male happiness to success, security, humor, and confidence. This can not be overlooked so if you are not confident about your smile, that should be the number one reason to smile. Turn that frown upside down foolio because negativity is b-o-r-i-n-g and it does not get a female's attention.

Mr. Perfect is not a myth and he is not your competition. He is I and I am him, he is you. Men rule the planet - don't forget that. If you want women, lots of women, you have to 'appeal' to them and to their sensibilities. Learning and committing to these behaviors makes you a better person - maybe not Mr. Perfect - but safe and screwable. Two top items on "her" list.