Where are you headed to tonight? If you're single and are going for a New Year Eve bash in hopes to kiss a lovely lass at 00:00 you better think again. We have warnings as to why you shouldn't hook up with a girl at a new year's party. If she's a hooker or the village bicycle that's fine, you know and she knows its a tension reliever to get some sperm out of your system. No emotions. BUT if she's the nice girl or the sort you would want to keep, READ BELOW:


Girls are sentimental. If you kiss a girl at new year and expect nothing but a full-blown sex adventure in your friend's 3-bedroom apartment, think again. If it's a one night occasion and she's a friend of a friend you better be prepared for the words "bastard" and "fucker" or "asshole" coming your way. She will be blabbing to all her BFFs how intensely romantic the whole thing was and they will stare glossy eyed at her. But soon they will start hating you altogether and you'll create one more loony for the male species to handle.


If you managed to secure a deal with this woman i.e get into a relationship with her, she will have high expectations of the relationship, only because she felt that 'bringing in the new year' sensation that she'd think is chemistry between you two. If that's not enough, she'll try to perfect ways of being romantic with you, looking for every sign to show her you're meant to be. If you can't live up to the sentimental value of your new year kiss, you better wait a little longer and kiss her in the middle, or end of January. New Year's kiss is DANGEROUS!


If you're kissing the worldly girl who knows shite and is not afraid to speak up, careful. She may think you're a corny emotional loser who is trying to get lucky. It's just corny.

The moral here is to survey your prey and evaluate the woman you want to smooch at the strike of 12 midnight. You could end up with a sticky girl, or be a loser for the rest of the year. It's nothing wrong being sweet, but watch yourself and don't let yourself become too soppy. Women prefer the manlier man. So be one!

Happy New Year and have a safe sexcapade.