She is waiting a mouse click away. Here's your guide to netting a low-time, high-desire internet lady.

1. Find the right site
There are a million social networking sites around but "in a country like India, for a guy to hit out directly to a girl never works," says Ashish Kashyap, CEO of Women tend to avoid hooking-up directly but do go in gaming on these sites. "Games like online chess enable two people or more to get together easily," says Kashyap. So, ditch the social networks for a bit and try those. "As many as 25-30 relationships are created which are not former friends or acquaintances. They are brand new virtual relationships," adds Kashyap.

2. Marriage sites work too
Believe it or not, matrimonial sites - like, bharatmatrimony. com, or work too. "It makes sense to be on a site that addresses one's requirements and personality," says Anupam Mittal, founder, But there are always more men than women on any matchmaking site here, says Mittal, so keep your searches simple and surf around till you're sure.

3. Make a rocking profile
A memorable profile is worth the time that you invest in creating one. Here's how:
•  "Between being clear and clever, opt for clear," says Payal Puri, editor of Cosmopolitan and a relationship expert.
•  Be a Mr Real, not a Mr Overstyled. "Don't end up with something as surreal as your self-proclaimed image," says Puri.

4. Chat with care
Steer clear of all-women chats and remember, three women on your chat list are better than ten giving you the cold shoulder. Avoid, says Mittal, an opinionated and close-minded comment, invading a woman's privacy with annoying personal questions and a general lack of conversation etiquette. In fact, it may help to have a female friend do a mock chat with you to help you in drawing a line between "Oh, my!" and "Oh, god!"

5. Glue your eyes to the person, not the screen
White lies and Photoshop are used by others too. So, think twice and look around before you think you've landed the girl from your previous night's dreams.

•  Send a personalised note to each woman (they get 10 times as many requests as men, so make yours great).
•  Weed out your results. A woman with similar tastes is a good bet.
•  "The biggest factor for a smoother personal and sexual relation is one-on-one interaction," says Delhi-based psychiatrist Dr Samir Parikh.
•  When you're finally ready to meet, opt for a public place. Ensure that she feels safe. Dr Parikh feels that judgments and expectations are always high on that first encounter. So, dress well, stay calm and keep your tongue in your mouth.
•  And, like the gentleman you are, stay in touch for a bit. whether or not there's been a spark