If you have lost faith in your relationship but you don't know how to break the news, TheSite considers the different ways to say 'it's over'.

Face to face

Upside: Shows respect, honesty, understanding. Good chance of staying friends, too.

Downside:Depending on the dumpee, you may be faced with tears or tantrums. They also might try and change your mind.

Decency rating: 8/10

Over the phone

Upside: If you're lucky, you'll get the answer machine. No chance of being physically assaulted. You also won't have to see the sad, sad look in their eyes as you break the news.

Downside: If you were relying on the answer machine, there's always the chance they may pick up before you've finished. Also the problem of them shouting or weeping down the line.

Decency rating: 6/10

By post

Upside: No chance of fluffing your words, or losing your bottle.

Downside: Letter can be shown to friends and used as evidence against you. Lengthens the whole process as you wait for them to receive your message.

Decency rating: 5/10

By email

Upside: It's swift and sure, and there's no room for misinterpretation.

Downside: It's as cold and heartless as the technology itself. Also risk getting into an email dialogue about the whole thing.

Decency rating: 3/10

By friend

Upside: All you have to do is relax and wait for your mate to deliver the news

Downside: You'll be classed as a coward until the day you die. Also could backfire if that so-called-friend of yours takes advantage of the situation. A sympathetic hug can lead to anything.

Decency rating: 1/10

By ignoring the person altogether

Upside: Involves least amount of effort. Just a question of holding your nerve.

Downside: Again, you'll be labelled a coward. Creates most amount of grief and can go on for a long, long time. Just think how you would feel in their shoes.

Decency rating: 0/10

By getting off with someone else

Upside: Sends out clear message.

Downside: There goes your credibility. You're risking a socially-humiliating situation and serious retribution from the ex.

Decency rating: -4/10