According to some oft-quoted study from years past, men, on average, think about sex every eight seconds or so.

Now another study suggests that men are willing to take bigger financial risks when they're aroused by sexual stimuli.

(Combined, this means a hot roulette dealer could easily convince us to bet the mortgage on black 27.)

How did researchers find this out? The study by Brian Knutson at Stanford University first showed "three images to heterosexual male undergraduate students to elicit a response: erotic images for the positive, snakes and spiders for the negative, and office supplies for the neutral response."

After viewing the images, the students had to make an immediate decision to choose between gambling high-risk stakes ($1) or low-risk stakes (one dime) in a gambling game for which they received $10 to play with. Turns out that after viewing the girlie pics, the students were more likely to place a high-stakes bet.

This news shouldn't be surprising to Vegas casino owners, but it may be useful to us laypeople when we realize that hot blackjack dealer isn't just there as eye candy.