Choose one: Sex or sleep?

A recent survey reveals that around 80 per cent of Britons, men included, would choose a good night's sleep over a night of passion. Turns out, we're all knackered. Too knackered to be bothered with a fumble when the lights go out.

It's not that we don't want it - it's just that too often when we fall into bed at the end of a long day either commuting to the office, wrestling kids in and out of school uniform, cooking, shopping or worrying about paying the bills, sex just seems like another thing on the long list of Things To Do: Put the bins out, have fantastic sex.

For most people (and I'm guessing most busy women), sex is the first thing to fall off the bottom of that list, whether they are parents or not. We've become so exhausted and stressed that foreplay is not cost-effective any more.

It's ironic that in a culture where sex is a major preoccupation - it's used to sell everything from cars to toilet cleaner - the thing that people really crave is not hours of lust but a good night's kip.

Sleep is the new sex. Fewer orgasms, more snorgasms.