The more common idea of threesome for guys is to have sex with two women at the same time. But according to recent study, there's an increasing trend these days that women, too, fantasize about having sex with two guys at the same time. Of course such thing was not unheard of before.

In almost every big cities in Asia one could easily find what is popularly known as the swingers group. Mainly utilising internet forum and exclusive groups, the members of such group are filtered and asked to report their medical status regularly. Although the name of the groups implies exclusive membership to couples, many of such groups actually open their doors to single people as well. It is here that the researchers believe the trend of male-female-male sexual encounter started became more popular.

A member of a swinger group told us that since joining the group, she is more open about her sexual life to her husband; she's now brave enough to tell him; "Honey I want to have sex with two guys at the same time". It have to be a very secured relationship. Just a secured man able to accept the fact that her loved one wants to extend an invitation to another cock to join them in their bedroom.

The female -  female - male threesomes are more common in the today's open sexuality world - and yes, one of the factors is because there is a large number of bisexual women. In ffm threesome she can have what ever she prefer, woman or man, or both in the same time.

Man - Man - Woman threesomes are different.
She wont get any pussy in mmf threesome, but she will have two hard cocks to play with. There are a lot of questions in her head before she finalize her decision.  This is normal, specially at the first time.

The biggest question is who will be the third guy in the tried. She need to find that guy attractive  plus the two guys have to get along good too, because if they want to make it successful and pleasant sexual experience, they going to have to work as a team. A good friend is the best choice, however, it is very hard for married couples, because  they don't want to advertise their personal sex life for their friends and they don't want to invite friend into their sex life. It is a bit easier for boyfriend - girlfriend couples.

But if two people want something hard enough, they will find the right guy. If you did not find yet check out our erotic sex personals and you will find a lot of men there.

Finally you found the right guy and you invited him to your home and or a hotel room. You have to be prepared if you want to make this scenario a great experience.

Few tings would be handy, for example you favourite romantic music CD, some drink, maybe candles. Hopefully you going to need a lot of condoms and lube, also you might need few wet baby wipes.

All three of you sitting in the living room and your get together do not want to turn to be a erotic get together.  Probably you already talked it trough why you guys are there, so all three of you know what should happen and either of you don't  know how to start and or all three of you scare to start.

You need to socialize a bit but not to much. You do not want to spend all night with chatting. You have more important things to do. So have few sip of drinks, it will clam the nerve down, talk a bit and go for it. She just should go to one of the guy and sit in his lap. According to the un-written no commitment swingers sex etiquette, it is very polite if she starts with guest guy. Just sit in his laps and start to touch him, maybe kissing him. This first move will be the hardest, but from here everything should run nice and smooth.

How To Begin The Erotic Play In Male Male Female Threesome
After few minutes touching and kissing the other guy should get involved too. He just should go there and for example start to kiss her neck and he should start to undress her. From here mother nature should take over. If mother nature wont do it, she has to do.

She can perform erotic dance to both guys, get naked all the way, get them naked too and push some body parts into the guys face, like boobs and butt and pussy. This will do...

She will be extremely horny and the guys should be hard by now too. Remember this was her fantasy and it is getting reality. She has four hands and two mouths over her body. She can play with two eager hard cocks. She can be eaten out by one guy and she can perform oral sex on the other guy. There are millions of things that two  guys and a woman can do. There is no fore play is long enough, but at one point the actual intercourse has to begin.

Male Male Female Threesome Sex Positions
The double penetration sex position at the above picture, need some flexibility form the lady. However with that position the guys have 100 % control. They control the speed and the deepness of the penetration.

The easiest threesome position is the doggy style. In doggy style she can have vaginal penetration with one guy and the other can perform oral sex on her, or he can suck her boobs or she can perform oral sex on the guy.

On the picture at next is a doggy style anal - vaginal double penetration. The extra guy under her, perform vaginal penetration. The guy behind her, moved forward, he is almost top of her and he perform deep anal penetration.

In threesome safe sex is a most. It is okay to see unprotected sexual intercourse, but it is not okay to perform it.

Also if there is to be anal play, you have to be sure you use latex gloves and change condoms to avoid cross contamination.  If anal penetration is desired, once again the best position is doggy style, but you have to be very cartful with the lube. You should not let the lube drip from her but on to her vagina, because that lube going to transfer all kind of nasty bacteria, and she might get a nasty vaginal infections.

If you guys really into the game, you can perform double vaginal penetration.  The easiest way to do it. One guy lies on his back, with wide open legs. She gets on top of him, face to the guy's face. His cock in her pussy. She bends forward to on his chest as low as she can. He should support himself with his legs and lift up his own hip a little.

Because she is bending forward, and he lifted up her a bit, her but should point to upward, just like on the picture above. The second guy go behind her, and sleeps his penis into her vagina.

This need some practice, because the highs really have to mach to make it work, but if the two guys get it right she will have an incredible fulfilling orgasm.  Also this position excellent to perform vaginal - anal  double penetration. In that case the guy behind her, have to penetrate her golden hole.

If that above double penetration to much for her, one of the guy can perform vaginal penetration and the other guy can play with any of her body part. And after a while, the guys should rotate.

As I stated above two guys and a woman together, able to do do millions of erotic things.