Timmy was a well-decorated American soldier. During the Iraq war, he boldly led a  three-man team on a daring and risky assault against heavily guarded enemy flanks.

His companions and fellow soldiers recounted to friends how Timmy single-handedly broke through enemy lines with unusual courage and insolence.

“He was remarkably brave out there,” they told friends.

But the same brave and decorated Timmy back home cowed in front of beautiful women. He felt shy and dreaded talking with them.

“I hate to admit it but I seem tongue-tied and scared approaching women,” he confessed.

Darlene, one of their pretty neighbors and Timmy’s childhood crush, attended Timmy’s homecoming party but Timmy never took the courage to ask her for a date.

Years later, he met Darlene, now married with five kids, in a school reunion.

“You know, I fancied you a lot when you were still single “he regretfully admitted to her.

“Then why didn’t you tell me? “she sighed.

Now listen up, guys, and pay particular attention to Timmy’s answer. It’s a classic, self-defeating myth that had been perpetuated through the ages.

Timmy scratched his head and said, “Well, I thought that pretty women like you will never hook-up with ordinary-looking guys like me.”

Sounds like most of us, isn’t it? Surely you have the same thoughts in your head. We guys are really funny!

Here are the top 3 false and ridiculous dating myths that are harming your love life:

1.) MYTH #1


We blame the media for this. For so long, radio, TV, and movies constantly bombard us with ads and messages about beautiful women pairing up with handsome men. In real life, the exact opposite is true. Women prefer men’s caring traits than being good-looking.

“I am not after the looks of a guy, “says Glenda, a top-notched ramp model. “ I just want someone wholesome and have a great sense of humor.” Pat, her colleagues,echoes Glenda’s remark.

“Me, too,” Pat adds, “I am not particular with a guy’s appearance as long as he is caring and protective of me.”

There you have it, guys. Indeed a surprising eye-opener for us. And how do you deal with this insidious myth? Accept your uniqueness. Be yourself and be proud about it.

2.) MYTH # 2


Ever had those images of rich guys driving along BMWs or Porches with voluptuous chicks aboard? You’re not alone.

Most guys harbor the same thoughts but are reluctant to admit it.

“We women don’t fancy guys with sport scars or racing yachts, “says Bianca, a pretty celebrated movie star.

“Or guys with stocks and bonds, “adds Camille, another stunning beauty flight attendant.”

Personally, I’d settle for fun-loving man who is concerned with my safety and welfare.”

To banish this myth in your life, you only need to be hardworking. Strive to have at least a gainful employment and be financially independent.

3.)MYTH # 3


Nothing is farther than the truth. While it is true that you should be able to engage women in an interesting conversation, you need not be obsessed in being a good conversationalist. Just be true to your words.

“I’m attracted to men who speak honestly, “declares Cherry, pretty Manhattan office manager.

To help you hold interesting conversations with women, fill your mind with worthwhile ideas. Browse through newspapers. Be familiar with current events.

And as an insider tip, keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends, jewelries news, and beauty products. Women love to hear you talk about these!

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