Before I share advice on how to get attractive women, keep in mind that attractive women are very desirable. The most attractive women in your city or town gets hit on every day by men trying to get into their pants. You have to first ask yourself what you’re bringing to the table, whether it’s stability (in the form of lots of money) or an emotional connection (in the form of “game” and personality).

Since this is not a get rich web site, we’re concerned with how to get attractive women through game and personality. If you hit their buttons in the right way and build attraction, then getting to the bedroom will be automatic.

Here are the three skills you MUST learn…

1. How to approach women.

You can’t sit back and wait for a woman to approach you, especially if you are average looking like most guys (and myself). If you go to clubs and bars regularly you probably already know that the quality of women that approach you will be much lower than you want. To get the maximum quality of what you deserve, you have to literally walk to the girl you want and start talking, build attraction (see below), and then walk away with a number or date.

2. How to talk.
Talking and flirting with girls fall in the topic of “game,” which concerns us with how to build attraction and connection through flirting, routine, and humor. Simply going up to a girl and telling her you think she is cute does very little to build attraction because it doesn’t show your value as a male. You need to build this value up through effective stories and lines that you practice before you talk to the girl.

3. How to seal the deal (how to close).

After you’ve approached her and she is interested in you (you’ll know because she keeps talking to you and asking you questions), then it’s time to escalate the encounter to the next level. The most common way of doing that is asking for a phone number, but if you’re at a bar then you can either make out with her or take her back to your place or hers.

She’s not going to escalate the encounter for you unless she is drunk, so it’s your job to ask for the phone number or to get more touchy-feely (hand and shoulder touching) to go in for the kiss.

Approaching is the hardest part of the game. Unless you know what you are doing it will take hundreds of tries to get master it through trial and error (I should know because that's how I learned).