The compliment: On the surface, it’s a straightforward expression, one clearly designed for the express purpose of making someone smile and feel better about themselves, but beneath the surface lies a ceaselessly chaotic obstacle course. It’s loaded with assumptions, misinterpretations, suspicion, and even duplicity. So suddenly, the seemingly simple process of paying a compliment becomes far more complicated. Many men believe a compliment sounds perfect in their minds, but are often surprised when things “inexplicably” turn south. Well, I’m here to explain the apparently inexplicable, and why you have to be extra careful when choosing your words and delivery. Mess it up and you could be sitting alone at the club, staring at an empty mug and wondering what went wrong… So here are several compliments women can’t resist.

“I could talk to you all night long.”

As you will find with many of the compliments listed here, we’re focusing on the values of a woman -- what the female deems important and flattering. Any man who has ever had even the slightest contact with the fairer sex knows that women place a high value on communication. Hence, after talking to her for a while, you need to drop the compliment that not only flatters but also excites. These are the types of compliments women can’t resist. Say it with a distinct tone of pleased surprise: “Wow, I could talk to you all night long!” Obviously, this only works if the two of you have already established a well-paced, comfortable discussion, but it’s perfect if this situation presents itself. During such a great conversation, you will be expected to provide a compliment, and there’s nothing better than this solid standby.

“I like the way your mind works.”

Many women have come to expect the “Hey, you’re really smart!” comment, and these tips here are created to set you apart. Therefore, you need to take the next step that not only proves you listen, but that you’re also impressed with her mind in general. Now, despite what you may think, this compliment is not conditional; it’s not reliant on her actual intelligence. Such a comment as this can follow any remark of hers that represents a slight twist on the current subject or simply casts the subject in a new light. Something small, like an ironic observation constructed to make you smile or laugh, and you’re primed and ready to deliver the appropriate comment. She likely won’t even expect it as she wasn’t trying to impress you, and the key to any woman’s heart is an unexpected gift.

“You look fantastic.”

Most men who don’t fit the “metrosexual” label get up, locate whatever is clean and put it on. On the flip side, most women spend plenty of time selecting each piece of an outfit, which is highly dependent on multiple factors. Therefore, rather than trying the tired “That’s a beautiful dress,” you can tweak it for the sake of freshness by generalizing and summing up the entire ensemble: “You look fantastic.” Make sure you comment on the fact that her earrings are a good selection and match her top, or perhaps you can notice that her shoes are the “perfect choice.” These are compliments women can’t resist because most females put a tremendous amount of emphasis on their ability to pick out fantastic outfits. It’s not so much about how they look, it’s about her skill in bringing out her most attractive features.

"You’re definitely the hottest of your group.”

Although women tend to travel in groups at nightclubs and bars for general moral support and protection, don’t think for one solitary second that they’re not silently competing against one another. Perhaps they’re not literally clawing each other’s eyes out over one particular guy, but when you go out of your way to place her above her peers, she’ll lap it up like a starving kitten at a saucer of fresh milk. Many men don’t realize that women compare themselves to their friends far more often than guys do, which means such a compliment elevates the girl’s self-esteem. It’s not so much about her own vision of herself; it’s in how she appears to others, and when a man says “You’re definitely the hottest of your group,” she suddenly feels as if she has the physical edge. She won’t be overlooked when the night is over. She’ll be the one beating the guys off with a stick.

words can speak louder... sometimes

Compliments are a necessity when it comes to flirting, but much like any other Player discipline, moderation and timing dictate success ratios. Women expect the compliments to come, but they’re wary of guys who try too hard or assume too much, which means you have to be a strategist and a tactician. Observe, understand what the females will respond to and you can have a repertoire loaded with compliments women can’t resist.