For most men who are no longer in their 20s, dating younger women quickly becomes a novel pleasure, a goal that isn’t quite so easy to achieve. While still a competent Player in all aspects of the game, the larger the age difference, the more difficult the quest becomes. The problem rarely revolves around physical differences, because if you’re fit enough to handle dating younger women, she won’t mind in the slightest. In truth, the primary challenge is in the differences of opinions, interests, hobbies, and viewpoints on life when there’s a significant age gap, and these are things that can present many dangerous obstacles.

Nothing is straightforward in the land of dating, but the complexity increases dramatically when you’re more than a few years older than your female companion. Adapting to her style is merely a short-term solution that might work for the sake of a one-night stand, but in order to actually date the girl, more must be done. Nobody wants dating to be a chore, of course, but make no mistake about dating younger women: effort is always required.

In this particular case, you may feel obliged to mimic the younger person’s character and persona so as to appear more “with it.” It’s a common practice, of course, and one I’ll address shortly in the following list of tips, but it can’t end there. Simply bending to her will is never advisable, and you mustn’t forget that dating is a two-way street. Even the most casual dating flings for the Player centers on give-and-take, which means you shouldn’t hide. It’s best to treat this situation as if you have an advantage, not a crutch. Look at it this way when dating younger women and all kinds of options suddenly become available to you.
Maturity and wisdom are sexy
How many times have you overheard women complaining about how guys are too immature? How many times have women’s magazines published an article about how men “just need to grow up?” Here is a perfect example of the advantage you have due to your age demographic, and now you’ve got an ace up your sleeve and you shouldn’t be afraid to play it.

You've worked hard to get to where you are in life, and quite simply, you’ve seen and experienced more than she has. It’s likely she’s well-aware of this (if not, she’s not fit for dating in the first place), so she’s probably waiting to catch a glimpse of that maturity. You have the edge over most other men she may have known in the past, so step up and put your experience on display. Be practical and grounded rather than rash and quick-tempered, be quiet and receptive rather than loud and aggressive; in short, when dating younger women, portray an accomplished man of the world. Considering she’s dating you, she has probably had her fill of the 22-year-old party animal who still believes he’s invincible. She may only be 22 herself, but it’s a well-known fact that women mature faster than men.

Well, for the most part. The party girl often wants to remain a party girl well into her 40s. Don’t bother trying to deny it either, ladies -- we see you out there in the clubs.