Surprises don't come as often as you hope they would. A kinky girlfriend is as rare as the steak on your dinner plate. What does one do in times or rarity? SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY! There are some lucky bastards who are gratefully stuck with horny, kinky women, but for the majority of us, we have the missionary naked lady obliging sex on a weekday.

So when she whips out a costume, strange position or asks you to do something totally out of the ordinary to her, although you might freak out a little at the sudden burst of enthusiasm, embrace her ideas and go wild with her.

Human vs Animal. We're actually all the same. Warm blooded species meaning to fuck fuck fuck when instincts set in.

  • This 'kinky' opportunity may not come around as often as you hope, but with a great show of your enthusiasm, it could come around more often than you had expected.
  • Tell her your fantasy, and ask her for hers, then set a date for a kinky fantasy showdown.
  • Do not get over-excited, you may find yourself cumming in minutes. Rather, try to relax and enjoy the ride
  • Never turn down her kinky advances. Women are sensitive creatures who don't take sex rejection well, even though we get the regular 'too tired', 'i have work tomorrow' nonsense. Try to please her when she gets kinky, and you will find yourself getting better rewards in future.
  • Videotape your sexcapade; with her consent of course. Watch it together after and remember to compliment her moves and effort in turning you on big time. Women love compliments.
So what have we learned here? For great sex, let your woman explore her kinky fantasies. It may sound a bit improper but the fact is that guys are a lot easily turned on than women are, and can have hours long of uninterrupted sex. So let her be kinky and put on your best performance yet.