It's a commonly held belief that girls don't like porn - and it's easy to see why. Certainly male-targeted skin flicks far outweigh the number of films produced for and by women. But getting your girlfriend to watch porn with you isn't as difficult as you may think.

Most women have had limited exposure to porn, and it's easy to form a quick bad impression when all you've seen are occasional glimpses Ð especially they represent the cum-in-the-eye school of porn.

But first a quick list of do's and don'ts:

  • When you're watching porn, you're probably looking at the big-dicked dudes banging hot porn stars thinking, "Man... I could be that guy!" Well, your girlfriend's thinking she could be that girlÉ so choose movies in which the girls look like they're actually having fun and enjoying themselves. Avoid prolonged ass-fucking movies, unless your girl's an anal freak. Even then, it's important to make sure the porn buttsex is realistic (i.e., features lots of lube, doesn't go on for two hours.) All too often, porn anal just looks plain painful. And that's not hot.
  • Try to pay attention to how your girl's responding. If the look on her face is more stunned than seductive, change the film.
  • Did we mention realism? Again, avoid films that feature XXX acrobatics. Of late, a position we like to call "the spider monkey" has become popular in porn films. Typically, the dude sits while the girl squats atop him, humping his cock while bent up like a pretzel. This is not hot. This does not make a girl think, "I could fuck my man like that!" This makes a girl think she could get a charley horse Ð or wind up in traction.