Flirting is a natural instinct most of us develop when we’re trying to impress someone. The only problem with flirting in the 21st century is that more women are beginning to stereotype men and predict their next move in reference to abundant dating, sex, and relationship advice easily available in the media.

According to, one of the reasons we flirt is that we can't help it. We're programmed to do it, whether by biology or culture. The biology part has been investigated by any number of researchers.

While flirting can be fun, it can also propose a few heartbreaks along the way. If you’re not the kind of guy she’s looking for, you’ll have to rework your flirting ways to score a girlfriend. But it’s time to change the aim of the game. It’s time to do it the 2011 way.

Roles Reverse

We think it’s completely unfair that men are expected to make the first move and do SO MUCH just to see if a chick responds. If you’ve never let the chicks do the chasin’, then maybe it’s time to let them work their ways into your arms. Of course we’re not saying you should sit back, cross your fingers, and expect a hot piece of Sofia Vergara to fall into your lap.

What you need are qualities that make a girl want to see more of you. This is where grooming and good scents come in handy.

The Humble Power of Smell and Why You Should Take Note

Apart from grooming your hair and making sure you don’t look too dorky, a simple weapon of attraction might have slipped your mind – the need to smell good. The effect of smelling good will amaze you. If it hasn’t worked for you then you really haven’t been using the right scent.

The way you smell could determine if you’ll get the girl or not. It doesn’t mean looking like Brad Pitt would necessarily land you a lady. According to, Scientists at Oxford University asked women to rate some men’s attractiveness based on headshots teamed with pleasant and unpleasant scents.

The results showed that women rated male faces as being significantly less attractive in the presence of the unpleasant odors. On the other hand, they rated guys as being most attractive when they judged their looks in the presence of a pleasurable fragrance -- in this case, AXE Deodorant Bodyspray.

Here’s what the results may look like:

Warning: Chick-picking results may vary depending on various scenarios!

Using Smell to Help You Be Yourself

As much as you may want to size up to the kind of man you think women like, don’t. Just bring yourself, and a bottle of AXE Deodorant Bodyspray. It sounds cheesy but you are after all trying to sell yourself to find a potential partner. Good scent will boost your confidence and it’ll show in many ways. AXE is your personal weapon to get caught by the ladies. When you smell good with AXE, the ladies will be dying to drop you their phone numbers in more ways than one. Like how? Tsk tsk tsk, no cheating... Find out for yourself if you dare.

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