If you want to see a woman squirm with desire, use your teeth during foreplay. Believe it or not, the body reacts to moderate pain in the same manner it reacts to a skilled mouth or tongue: with instant arousal. As the mind catches up, intense sexual excitement follows; it’s always a turn-on to discover a man has that kind of power over a woman’s body. Which means that biting her in the right place (at the right time) could really make her scream your name.

That being said, every woman’s threshold for pain is different, so you may need to adjust your sensual biting technique before you really hit the spot. And you’ll know when you have -- the moaning and writhing will be a dead giveaway.

Bite her erogenous zones
If sensual biting is new terrain for you, start with the nape of the neck. Most women find the area highly sensitive and absolutely love being kissed here. This makes for an easy transition once you have her purring with delight. The inner thigh is equally deserving of your attention, and will often result in her begging for clitoral stimulation. If you really want to drive her wild, don’t give in to the request; continue nibbling a trail along the edge of her thigh until she loses control. And she will. Other areas you’ll want to pay special attention to include the curve of her waist, her lower back, the area just below her breasts, and her bottom.

Create buildup
It won’t do to just sink your teeth in before her body’s ready for it -- that could really be painful. You want her in an aroused state, both physically and mentally. Start with the foreplay you’ve already mastered: kiss her, caress her, talk dirty to her. If you’d like to up the ante, try something new and unique. Once the desire is obvious, gently drag your teeth across a shoulder, thigh or hip anywhere fleshy to ensure minimal pain in case she doesn’t like it. If she shudders with pleasure, consider it a green light to continue -- but tread lightly. You want to find her pain threshold without crossing it. Keep an eye on her facial expressions and she’ll let you know when to say when.

Keep it quick
The secret to keeping real pain out of the sensual biting equation is to keep it quick. The longer you maintain the bite, the more pain is registered. Therefore, the ideal nip really shouldn’t last more than a few seconds -- unless she asks for something more intense, of course. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t spend too much time in one spot; this could get painful fast. You don’t want her to feel like she’s in bed with Dracula!

Don’t bite random areas
No matter how much she enjoys this kind of play, random sensual biting can result in a very turned-off woman. In other words, don’t bite the first thing you see, unless it’s one of the areas we’ve already discussed. Biting the wrong place could really freak her out and ruin an otherwise sexy evening -- especially if she’s never been bitten by anyone before. We want her moaning with pleasure, not agony.

Don’t make noises

She may love it when you turn into an animal, but that doesn’t mean she wants you to sound like one. Certain noises simply have no place in the bedroom -- slurping and smacking of the lips are particularly disgusting. No matter how skilled you are at nibbling her neckline, toss a slurp in there and that’s the end of that. Silliness can have the same effect, so avoid comments like “Yummy!” or other sayings one might hear on a playground while you practice sensual biting.

Don’t gnaw
It goes without saying, but the more you nip one particular area, the less pleasurable the sensation becomes. The same goes for anything resembling a chewing motion: There’s nothing sexy about feeling gnawed upon. Keep your sensual biting crisp, clean and quick to prevent her feeling like a chew toy.

Love bites
Sensual biting can be a very pleasurable experience for a woman, and it’s something many of them secretly yearn for. Unfortunately, men often hesitate to experiment with the idea, fearing they might be thought of as too animalistic. Rest assured, biting is a natural instinct that arouses even the most vanilla of women. Take these sensual biting tips to bed and watch how quickly she melts in your mouth.