One of the key relationship survival tips is to constantly go for short holidays. In any case before I start, I'd like to say holidays are not as expensive as you might have thought they were. Or otherwise, previously were. For a new couple, there's no better test of compatibility than that fateful first trip.

When you travel, your companion is in your space all the time. This kind of proximity magnifies everything: the sore spots and the sweet spots, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Its almost like living together, sans, the reality of it.

Don't be too ambitious too soon. Early in a relationship, a shorter trip is more prudent. You don't want to be spending so much time with someone for the genesis of the relationship. At least, test the waters before you decide to give the week kind of holidays.

Talk about what you both want from the trip before you pack a bag. Often times, people just want to have fun. But it can also be beneficial if you discuss what is it that you want to do and get out of the trip. For instance, you want to experience bungee jumping and among other things, indulge in some interests. These points are important because they help create, find and nurture interests into bonding.

Don't be a lemming. Most often in relationships there will definitely be someone wearing the pants. However, don't make this too much of a habit rather a relationship should be of equality.

Don't mess around with money. This is probably a very sensitive thing that can either go your way, her way, or the highway. For example: When she suggested exploring Venice's restaurants, "he couldn't stand the idea of wasting that money. I knew we had different outlooks on money before, but this really highlighted it. We ended up having a huge fight and spending most of our time apart."

Be frank about finances and split costs as equally as possible without allowing them to dominate the experience.

This should help you survive the weekend with someone! And as the title goes, have lots of sex. Else, how else can a holiday be fun anyway?