The dreaded truth is here: You've done the deed with a friend and with sex, there will be feelings, emotions and possibly, regret. You want to remain nothing more than friends, but there's a possibility she'll want more. So, how do you remain pals and nothing more?


Here's what you should do:-

The morning after
If it's a weekday, making a clean break shouldn't be a problem because you both have to get to work. But of course, this isn't going to be one of those hit-and-run scenarios. Once you get to the office, wait about half an hour before sending her an email, joking about last night and then immediately switch topics. You must acknowledge that it occured so she doesn't feel used, but you shouldn't dwell on it or she'll think it's something more.

If it's the weekend, casually mention things you have to take care of, like going to the office to finish off some work or a trip to see the parents. But be sure to make plans to hang out that week in a friendly situation, something you've done together many times before you danced the horizontal mambo.

A week after
Some time has passed and it's time for the next step. An important move to ensure that you remain friends after sex is not to sleep together again. Stop thinking of her in that way - or in that position. Keep everything as normal as possible. The point is not change the typical friend routine.

Months after
It's important to begin talking about other women, even if there really aren't any other women to speak of. Mention that a female coworker asked you out or drop hints that a woman at the gym is giving you bedroom eyes. And then watch her reaction. If she goes right back to criticizing your taste in women and encourages you to make a move, then it looks like you're in the clear.

But what happens if she still wants something more? Then we've got some bad news: This friendship is over. And it's not going to end very well either. She's going to find you guilty no matter how innocent you think you are. The only thing you can do right now is back awat and leave her alone. After the explosion, wait a few weeks and send an e-mail or text message to assess the damage. There's a chance she could have come to her senses and still wants to be friends.

Source: AskMen