Us males are always wondering if old-fashioned chivalry is still appreciated by women these days. While some are OK, like offering your coat when she's cold or walking on the outside of the sidewalk, others may bug a woman out. And according to, there are 8 supposed gentlemanly moves that women just don't get:-

Chivalry Move #1: Ordering her meal
Well, not unless she asks you too or if you know her favourites at the restaurant you've been to together for the 100th time. Chances are, you don't know what she's craving for that particular meal. And it would be a bad move if you ordered seafood when she's allergic or something.

Chivalry Move #2: Letting her win at a game
For me, this doesn't seem half as bad an idea. Especially if she sucks at the game of bowling, and you're just trying not to make her feel too hopeless at the game. After all, what fun is it losing all the way, right? But apparently, according to the website, women want men to always give them their best shot. Umm, alright. But don't start sulking like a sore loser if we win you by a mile.

Chivalry Move #3: Using a code term for going to the bathroom
Hey, what's wrong with "tinkle"?! After all, it's pretty polite, I mean, "I have to go and take a piss" doesn't sound too nice. But well, I guess "I'll be back in a minute" works, too.

Chivalry Move #4: Pulling out her chair
So, we know some women fear falling if we happen to push in the chair too late. But obviously we're not going to let our date fall flat on her butt in the middle of a whole restaurant, right? We're not blind. You expect us to pull open the door and you dislike it when we pull out your chair. Can you women be any more confusing?

Chivalry Move #5: Carrying her purse
Ok, maybe sometimes a guy carrying his girlfriend's purse looks like he got pussy-whipped. But what if she's got a whole lot of stuff to carry already? You really want us to decline when you tell us to hold your purse? Ok then.

Chivalry Move #6: Asking her dad for her hand in marriage
TheFrisky calls it "outdated" and that "pops just shouldn't be involved in our relationship." Oh, perhaps not letting your parents know when I plan to marry you is a better idea? And perhaps the risk of having my ass kicked out of the house is exciting and a little less "outdated" for you?

Chivalry Move #7: If we're paying for dinner, not letting her put in for tip
Gee, if we pay for dinner, we're insulting you, if we don't pay for dinner, we're cheapskate. Will you make up your minds already?!

Chivalry Move #8: Helping her put her coat on
Ok, next time we'll just stand and watch you struggle with it. Fine by me.