These passion poses have been specially designed to make every couple's wanton water adventure a success.

Sea Horse

Since she's in charge of the randy reins, lean her torso moves forward or backward to alter the depth and angle of penetration as she rides your willy.

Bubbly Back Float

Floating weightlessly gives you both pelvic flexibility. Experiment with aqua acrobatics that otherwise wouldn't be doable on solid ground.

Niagara Falls

Grab the soap and lather up your hands before sliding them around her body. Your wet touches will make her weak on her knees.

Randy Raft

You can move your legs up and down to vary the angle of penetration, creating alternating sensations for her.

Tawdry Tube

Put herself in a better G-spotting pose by changing the angle of penetration - place her legs over your shoulders and let her leans back.

Canoe Canoodle

Your bodies will be melded from head to toe, and the rocking motion of the boat will intensify each of your internal strokes.