This month, we'll lay out the sex positions most of you kids don't know. You think mastering 11 positions is amazing? Think again because you're not getting any younger! Experiment with these position while your penis isn't hiding somewhere underneath your belly.

The X-rated

This position gives you total control, so experiment with different
types of stimulation to see what pleases you both most.

Arc de Triomph

For those who are limber enough to last, the payoff is incredible.
Throw her head back and help her let go. Next thing you know: heaven.

The Pinwheel

By letting her concentrate on her outer banks, you can tease the
turbo-charged nerve endings in the first third of her vagina.

The Vixen

Most men are so inflexible that we think a knee bend is an
Olympic feat. Truth is women are naturally more flexible than us
and simple knee bend is meh! But maintain your fascination when
her legs on your shoulders. Worship her like a sex goddess and
she'll never let go of you.

Carnal Crisscross

This sideways sex position is one for the record books! On top of
the typical thrusting, you two can enjoy some serious
shallow grinding.

Bootyful View

This position allows for great control over speed, depth, and
intensity of stimulation. Since your girl is facing away, she can
feel totally uninhibited. Don't we all like that?

Passion Propeller

Once you make the 360-degree jaw-dropping journey, you and
your girl will feel like sexual dynamos and may even keep on spinning!

The Head Game

Getting into this position, your girl may feel like she's headed nowhere
— but it's totally worth it once you experience the results.