Cheating spouses spend more on extra martial affairs than they do on their pensions, it has been revealed.

They spend an average of £291 a month on an affair while putting aside just £59 a month for their retirement, according to extra-marital dating site

In total maintaining an affair costs £3,500 a year, a sum which includes accommodation, weekends away, phone calls, gifts and flowers.

The findings were based on the spending habits of around two per cent of the website's 300,000 members.

Sara Hartley, of Illicit Encounters, told The Daily Telegraph that most cheaters had two mobile phones and tended to buy more presents for their lovers than spouses.

"These figures are astonishing. It certainly shows us where people's priorities lie."

"Generally, those who cheat seem to be more hedonistic than most, which may explain why they're spending more on instant gratification, rather than preparing themselves for the future."

"An affair is a notoriously expensive thing. Most cheaters own two separate mobile phones, and buy gifts more regularly for their lover than they do for their spouse."

Source: Metro