If there's one thing that we don't understand about women, it's the fact that they love cuddling.

Seriously, what IS with this cuddling business? When we're tired out after sex and we just want to roll over and sleep, the girlfriend demands for cuddles. If not, we're insensitive and only want sex to help us sleep.

So, here's an article to help creatures of testosterone understand why cuddling means so much to the opposite sex.

To her, cuddling is another physical form of getting intimate with you. Yes, now you know that sex is not the only way to bond with your lady. At least, not by her books. Cuddling releases a hormone called oxytocin which scientists say provokes "pair-bonding". And why women cuddle is to feel closer and intimate with her man in order to get the man to commit to her and their offspring.

Now, it's no reason to start freaking out that she wants to have your babies right there and then, it simply means that she is drawn to create an emotional bond with you.

So why don't we like cuddling anyway? Well, you see after sex, our bodies work differently as compared to those of our counterpart. As a man has an orgasm, a variety of brain chemicals are released including the hormone prolactin which has a strong connection to sleep. The release of this hormone is responsible for our tendency to want to sleep after sex and also indicates the beginning of the "recovery time" that men have to take before having sex again.

Cuddling may not be so bad after all. A 2006 study by the Berman Center for Women's Health in Chicago showed that couples who regularly indulge in spontaneous, non-sexual physical affection are more satisfied with their relationships. So even if you don't fully comprehend the art of cuddling, you should be able to see the connection betweein it and a happy girlfriend.

Happy girlfriend = Smooth sailing relationship

And remember, cuddling doesn't have to be relegated to a post-sex-only activity. In fact, she'll enjoy it more if you spontaneously start a cuddle session in the middle of the day. And please, cuddle for cuddling's sake and don't just do it as foreplay for sex!

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