A study by University of Pittsburgh found that men with more muscle pull more women than skinnier ones.

The study also showed that more muscled men tended to lose their virginity at a younger age, compared to skinny men, and that the beefier the man – measured by total fat-free mass, or arm and leg muscle mass – the more sexual partners he had, the study revealed.

However, those rippling pecs come with a downside: the beefcakes tend to have less impressive immune systems than their stick-like counterparts, so get sick more often - the study found.

Yet, it is revealed that in the same men, bulky frame has some downers too. Muscle mass did a better job of predicting caloric intake than body mass index (BMI), age, or activity levels. A larger appetite may not seem like a cost in modern western societies, with a restaurant or grocer on every corner. But ancient humans struggled to get all the calories their bodies needed at times, Lassek says, which could have meant hunky men going hungry more often.

Compared to skinnies, muscular men also tended to produce fewer infection-fighting white blood cells and less of an important immune molecule called C-reactive protein, which helps destroy pathogens.

Source: Beefcakes [New Scientist]