Imagine Grandpa featured in his own sex videos and becomes a celebrated porn star! The thought itself is making me feel like puking.

Apparently, 75-year-old Shigeo Tokuda who is Japan's oldest pornographic movie star was shooting his latest film in which he was portrayed a master of sex. (Gag)

The director said that the films inspired old people to not let their sex lives die. In 16 years of making such movies, Tokuda has acted up with women ranging from their 20s to as old as himself! He has made an astonishing 200 porno movies since his debut at 59!

He has become a popular figure in porn movies for rent in Japan, with its rapidly aging population and long lie expectancy.

And now, Tokuda's films will be offered to Japanese retirement homes and shown on the internet.

It's bad enough to watch balding men have sex with the hottest porn stars but THIS? This is too much to handle.