You and your girl have an amazing sex life but perhaps things are getting just a little bit boring? You've tried out all the different kinds of positions and both of you are eager to further spice up life in the bedroom.

You've come to the right place because we're featuring ten great sex games that will will have you romping around with the same pleasure and excitement you felt when you were first together.

1. Like a Virgin
In this role playing game, one of you pretends that it is your first time. I know it's hot that your lady plays the part of the virgin, but going at it vice versa may be even more exciting. Your partner will have the chance to be the aggressor in the bedroom and she might lead you to new heights of pleasure and excitement you've never been before!

2. Strip Poker
Yes, this game is often played in groups but let's take it to a more intimate setting where it's just the two of you. Decide what the winner or loser will have to do, but make sure it's something that both of you will enjoy. This way, no matter who wins or loses, you'll both really win.

3. Look Alikes
Another form of role playing game, both of you will tell each other what you want the other person to act or dress like, fulfilling a fantasy that you've both been harbouring. This way you can experience different ways of interacting with each other sexually in a very nonthreatening way.

4. Strip Tease
What a way to get all hot and steamy before getting some action on. Choose your music carefully and wear a particularly sexy outfit (Yes, this goes out to you too. You'll be surprised how turned on your woman will be after you're done). Practice in front of your mirror so that you'll be able to deliver a performance that sizzles.

5. Bondage Games

One of you will have total control and the other... Your victim! It's incredibly hot to not know exactly what your partner is going to do next but you need to make sure that you have some form of "safety word" so that the person being dominated can stop the activity of it gets too intense or uncomfortable.

6. Play With Your Food
This is what your mama says, but food can be the easiest and arousing sex toy ever! Honey, chocolate sauce, whipped cream... Just add them to your partner's sexy spots and turn her on by slowly licking them off. Although, a word of caution. Hygiene is VERY important so be sure to thoroughly wash off any left overs after playtime is over.

7. Secret Messages
In this game, you "write" a message or a word on your lover's back with your finger and let her guess. If she gets it wrong, think of a punishment that both of you will enjoy. Losing a game has never been more fun!

8. The Pick- Up
You'll both act like total strangers and one of you will have to "pick up" the other. Only unlike with strangers, you'll know exactly what works and without any awkwardness. Spice things up by adding an enticing piece of clothing or perhaps a new hairstyle or make-up.

9. Naughty Surprises
Take turns giving each other a sexy, slightly naughty surprise of some kind. Maybe show up for dinner and whisper that you're not wearing any underwear. Or try some under-the-table fingering if you can get away with it. Show up at your love's work at lunchtime wearing nothing under a trenchcoat and whisk them away to the nearest hotel for a quickie. Let your imagination run wild here, as long as you stay legal!

10. Coupon Craziness
Here, you provide your lover with a book of naughty coupons to be spent at an adult novelty store. Go wild with sex toys that will definitely turn things on in the bedroom.