Are you tired of losing control every time you make love to your woman? Do you want to discover sex positions to help you last longer and that'll keep you erect and feeling the good friction without the "Oh no, I'm already at the edge" feeling?

Well, today is going to be a very happy day for men out there who get too excited around the vaginal playground. These tips and position suggestions will allow you to delve into your sexual desires without fearing that the finale is just a pump or two away.

So, before you burst just thinking about it, we'll get to our positions to help you last longer.
before you get started
Keep in mind that it takes more than just sex positions to help you last longer. First off, you need to keep a positive frame of mind. Don't turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy by continuously telling yourself that you can't do it. You can, especially if you believe you can.

If you have some sort of medical drawback, like erectile dysfunction, then these positions to help you last longer obviously won't work for you. Be realistic and get yourself to a professional as soon as you can to optimize your sex life.

It's A Game
Turning foreplay into a game of lustful sexual containment can be more fun than the actual sex itself. Make your foreplay last. After all, when have you ever heard a woman saying, "He kisses my lips and goes down on me for way too long?" That's what I thought.

Enjoy the time you have together and stop focusing on the actual sex because that'll likely cause you to get more nervous, and end up leaving her in the bathroom with a vibrating shower nozzle. Make it a total body experience, not just a penis one -- oh, and learn to please her in the shower as well.

Play With It

You've all heard it before: Practice makes perfect. Don't be shy guys, you did it when you first discovered that something other than urine comes out of your penis, and you can do it now. Masturbation is not a four-letter word (there we go, stating the obvious) and if you want to understand your own waterworks, you're going to have to play the "getting to know you" game with yourself.

By stroking yourself and figuring out at which point you feel like ejaculating, you can learn how to maintain your erection and avoid premature incidents. Also, you can bring yourself to the point where you feel like you're about to lose it and stop yourself until the feeling goes away. Keep it up until an adequate amount of time has passed and then let the rivers flow freely.

It's Your Mission
Perhaps it is not the most explosive of sexual positions and, hey, it may not even merit the "Best Position in the Bedroom" award. This position, nonetheless, is most helpful for men who want to prolong coitus.
Missionary position - Credit: The Player's Guide
Speaking of coitus, you can try practicing coitus interruptus, which entails deliberately withdrawing your slimy guy from her vagina prior to ejaculation and holding it. Soon afterwards, you may insert your little guy back in and continue on your merry way.

Remember that the instant she lifts her legs in the air or you lift your own body, you may end up feeling more intense sensations. We, therefore, recommend that you begin with body-to-body missionary and slowly work your way up with variety.

Sit Down
Another great position that'll help most men last longer in the sack is the "sitting inside each other" position. You sit with your legs crossed and she sits atop you doing the same and controlling the tempo.
Sitting position - Credit: The Player's Guide
The great thing about this position is that you get to rub her back or pull her by the shoulders and suck on her breasts with ease. As well, she can bite into your neck or rub your back while you both enjoy a constant sexual pace.

When you become accustomed to this situation and learn adequate penis control, then you can give her some new instructions and get her to squat up and down on your member while she uses her hands to balance herself on your knees.

Ride 'em Cowgirl
Although some guys lose control, considering they don't have any power when the woman on top does all the maneuvering, many men find a woman's back-and-forth thrusting (rather than up and down) very comfortable.
Riding position - Credit: The Player's Guide
Allowing her to take control of the situation can help you concentrate on keeping your orgasm at bay. As well, you get to watch your sweetheart bounce around while she does her thing.

Once the thrusting thing becomes child's play for you, you can try letting her squat. But be warned: The squatting position is likely to make you lose your mind (and your semen) a lot faster. That's because her vagina tends to hug your penis rather tightly, and your genitals and hers are the only two body parts that are touching.

Side by Side

This position should usually be reserved for morning sex. With her back facing you, lift up one of her legs and insert yourself inside her warm fleshy area.
Spooning position - Credit: Player's Guide
Although the initial feeling may be that of tightness, if you brace yourself, the feeling will become more comforting. Many guys are able to control themselves and last longer in this position.

Take Your Time
Move slowly and don't rush things. Getting overly excited won't do you any good so just keep things calm and at an unhurried, steady tempo. She'll be impressed with your ability to control yourself.

Obviously, these positions won't work wonders for everyone, but they will definitely feel great for many. Remember, if you have a problem, see your doctor promptly and don't play the game of denial. And there you have it, some easy ways to keep her satisfied and get a little satisfaction of your own at the same time.