It isn't a secret that women love foreplay. In fact, you can score her orgasm during foreplay a few times if you're really good at it. And while you can enjoy the sheet-tangling, sweat-dripping showdown on the second or third round, why not get let her enjoy the first one?

Menknowpause list down some creative foreplay positions to make sure she'll comeback to you for more. 

Lip Service

Because it's usually better to receive than to give, spicing up oral sex isn't such a shabby idea. By using these sex positions, you might be giving your regular methods of oral sex the boost they need -- for both you and her.

1- The nose dive
How: She rests on her shoulders and raises her legs over yours. You then place your hands under her bottom to give her an added support. Now here's a tip: Because this position can be strenuous on her back, it's best if her shoulders lies on a pillows while doing it.

For you: The best thing about this position is the scenery - you'll get a pleasant view of her body from a great perspective. Since you have to support her legs, you also get easy access to her backside, so go ahead and cop a feel.

For her: Receiving oral sex at this angle can be quite pleasing for her, but it may be a little uncomfortable for her neck and shoulders. Take this position slowly and ask her how she's doing a couple of times, just to make sure she's enjoying it as much as you are.

2- The dairy cow

How: You're on all fours, while she lays on her back with her head directly beneath your groin area.

For you: This position is great because: First, you have the option of controlling the movement and the intensity of how she pleasures you. Second, if you're in the mood for it, you can "tea bag" her (drop your scrotum into her mouth for some extra enjoyment).

For her: This position lets her be lazy. She can just lie back and give you a great ride without doing much at all. You can try to bring up this position if she's "too tired" or lacks the energy to perform oral sex.

3- Star 69
How: Classic 69 form makes you face each other's genitals for a great double oral sex session. But try this: she lies on the bottom and spreads her legs in the air, while you make your way on top of her.

For you: As in "The dairy cow," you can control all motions and intensity according to what you like. Plus, you have the option of using your fingers if your tongue starts to tire out.

For her: She gets to lie down, legs spread-eagle while enjoying the ride. Pleasing you is simple through the magic of alignment - as in, her head rests nicely under your groin area. She also has two options when it comes to using her free hands. She can either take the "it's-all-about-me" route and use them to caress herself, or she can take the "selfless" route and use them on you for some extra pleasure.

Wetting Your Appetite

Foreplay isn't restricted to oral sex alone. Have a good time with other techniques that promote just touching. You'll be surprised that this can really help with arousal and build up to some wild sex later. So read on and practice:

4- Poolside
How: While she lies on her stomach, you approach her from between her legs. Place a pillow under her stomach to give you easier access to her genitals.

For you: You're in control here. Use your hands, use just your fingers, use your tongue and your lips. Any way you do it, she's sure to enjoy the pampering.

For her: One of the great things about this position is the element of surprise - she can't really see you and has no idea what to expect. The "mystery" factor can lead to an overwhelming heightened sensation as she enjoys you enjoying her.

5- The electric slide
How: She leans on her side with one leg bent up and one stretched out; you lie on her outstretched leg, facing away from her. This position is great for caressing and massaging her legs and feet (and for getting yourself a little massage-action too).

For you: This position is not only a relaxing, easy-going mutual foot massage technique. It leaves your backside exposed for her to caress, making anal stimulation a possibility if you'd like. Also, if you've got yourself a foot fetish, you don't need me to tell you that this is surely the way to go.

For her: Obviously, this is an ideal way to help her unwind and get into the mood. Hardly anyone can resist the sensuous charms of a relaxing rubdown.