In 1978 research by Perry & Whipple’s documentation and extensive studies confirmed what Berlin gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg had discovered over 25 years earlier: When the G-Spot is firmly enthused, a fluid with a "silky" texture was ejaculated when the female had a whopper of an orgasm. These are called G Spot orgasmss

How Do I Find The G Spot?
Located right behind the pubic bone & on the "front" wall of her vagina, THAT IS WHERE you will find it. Half Way between her cervix and pubic bone and you are there!

Very much like an ad in the paper for a retail or outlet store, the only disclaimer I have is:

G Spot Orgams
Time to go to work kids, so now that you have the map let’s talk about the treasure. You will only get to that treasure (her pleasure) if you are three things:

PATIENT, UNSELFISH and you have GOOD GRIP. Weak handed, short fingered no grip having, intolerant selfish pigs need not apply. This "manipulation" of her G-SPOT is to bring her to orgasm and hopefully some silky female ejaculation. The greatest reward here is if you have ever had sex with a woman who just "came" on your mouth or finger. Her pussy gets wet and silky that when you slide your penis in it goes in like an oily knife into its sheath.

How Do You Operate This Thing?

Think of her G-SPOT as the "0" on a combination lock. Don’t be concerned where the zero is located – it might be located a little off center as if your left-handed one-eyed brother was playing with the lock before you came to open it. Now imagine that when you find "0" it will send a sweet sensation or light shock wave through her body as if someone has just jimmied the lock on the door to her female ejaculation.

Now when you find "0" don’t keep tugging on the damn thing because it probably won’t open. Finding the G-SPOT is about satisfaction not frustration and every girl has a different combination.

Some gals want you to BREAK the lock and some girls want you to PICK the lock. When you find zero "you will know". She will use signs like moaning, groaning, or even grabbing your hand in that great old fashioned way that says, "Stop/Don’t Stop".

When you get to the G-SPOT don’t be concerned about whether or not she is going to have an orgasm – be concerned with whether or not you are doing it right. If you have a good prehensile grip and are patient in finding the G-SPOT and unselfish about how long you will "work it" then more than likely she will reach climax and hopefully spray you with a sweet silky gusher of Playboy Bunny lube.

How Will I Know I'm Making Her Hot?
Duh! You will know…trust me, you will know. To get G Spot orgasms, your job is to literally MASSAGE the G SPOT. While doing so make sure you are manipulating other parts of her body like her "lips" and most especially her "clitoris". That is the tri-fecta baby! Put in the work – this means, massaging, and licking, sucking, biting, and manipulating the hell out of that little hole. She wants you to find the G-SPOT, she told me.

Make sure you are patient in your manipulation – you have to find it first. When you do she will not be like a sports car that goes from zero to sixty in 4.8 seconds flat. She will be like a semi-truck or tractor trailer. It will travel very slow up hill and take a lot of focus to drive it. Once you get it over the hill though – the truck becomes a juggernaut with nothing stopping the full force of its power – not even a runaway ramp!

Most women will not let you get out of the cockpit when you take them over that hump until it is over. They will literally tell you right when it happens or is about to happen because THEY ALSO HAVE BEEN PATIENT. It is important that you focus on every hand movement, moan, groan, and "yes" that comes out of her mouth while you are working down under.

Now, if you are not even close to her g spot then don’t worry you will know that as well because it will be like having sex with a manequin. (Another way to know is if she turns on the TV on while you are searching for her G-SPOT... Don't bore her!)

Female Ejaculation from G Spot Orgasms
Female ejaculation is the direct result of a g spot orgasm. Also known as: come, cum, climax – which is weird that all synonyms for orgasm start with a "C".

When she finally reaches climax – in some you will feel the vagina contract or even "spasm". I have experienced female ejaculation personally in two forms. One was watery, clear, silk-like fluid that flowed in abundance. The second was a little less clear (almost milky) and thicker but just as silky in texture.

The G-Spot and female ejaculation are not a secret that only Indiana Jones can produce or find. Your girl has it and wants you to find it and if you are not looking for it then I bet she is doing it herself (or looking for someone who will). It is the lock to her door of pleasure – learn the combination.