Each and every one of you know a beautiful woman, a woman you might happily die for, who is constantly falling for jerks. What’s up with this? Why won’t she return your phone calls, but will happily go on a booty call for some guy who treats her like dirt?

It’s really easy guys – jerks, players, ladies men etc. (insert current name for men who are successful with women here) know how to hook a woman’s romantic and sexual imagination. To you he may seem like a complete and totally idiot (and perhaps he is) but while no one’s looking he knows how to sidle up to a woman, or pick up the phone and communicate with her in a way you just aren’t doing. Here are four of his secrets:

1) He goes after women with whom he knows there’s chemistry

2) He fuels the spark by making sure she’s clear about his sexual desire

3) He starts things with a bang – via a good time, an adventure, a wild time

4) He keeps the flame alive by telling her what she wants to hear

Following The Chemistry of Jerks

Think what you want of jerks they don’t waste their time barking up a tree that just isn’t interested. A jerk knows how to spot interest from women and how to move in on it. He doesn’t pine for a woman he can’t have, he keeps his eyes and ears peeled for one he can. You’re free to focus all your longing and interest on one woman, but if she isn’t returning it than perhaps you’d better wake up dude and smell the coffee. There’s dedication and then there’s stupidity. Jerks move in for battles they know they can win.

Women Like Jerks Because They`re Not Afraid To Show Their Lust

Jerks don’t hide their desire for a woman - they flaunt it. No, a jerk might not come right out and tell a woman he wants to have sex with her, but he makes sure she knows the interest is absolutely there. He knows women are insecure about their sexual desirability and he plays right into a woman’s hands by letting her know that he’s tuned in, turned on, and ready to get at it any time she is – at least in the beginning.

What you can learn from this is that by playing it “so nice” you don’t let on she turns you on won’t get you very far. Yes, you might get the date, but not much more. If you like a woman, if you want her, you have to let her know by both by your words and actions. Women can’t read our minds, they like to pretend they can, but they can’t. Don’t go over board and don’t act like a dog in heat. Use subtle techniques like prolonged eye contact, a hand on her arm when emphasizing a point, touching your knee to hers under the table, and paying her an occasional compliment on her appearance. These are all signals that only the densest of women won’t understand.

Women Like Jerks Because They Thrill Her

Jerks know that hidden in even the nicest girl’s heart is the longing for fun and adventure. Women fall for jerks because they start things off with a bang by doing things she finds fun and exciting, even daring. I can’t emphasize this enough. Whether he takes her to a slightly seedy bar with the hottest bands, for a ride on the back of his Harley, out to dance the night away, or wines and dines her complete with a single rose, he shows her he knows a good time.

What you can learn from jerks is to pay attention to the things women find fun and exciting rather than projecting onto a woman what you think she ought to like. You can also keep it fresh by being spontaneous and unpredictable the way the bad boys do. Hit it off with a new girl and want to really capture her attention? Know that she’s a sucker for the great outdoors? Take her on an impromptu camping or road trip. Dazzle her with your knowledge of astronomy or send chills up her spine with ghost stories. Make a CD of your favorite traveling music to set the mood. Capture her imagination and her romantic sensibilities and you’ve got her lock, stock and barrel.

Jerks Are Big On Promises

Jerks woo women with big promises about the things he’ll do with her. He listens attentively to her talk about her life and dreams and then plays right into her romantic longings. Does he mean to string her along with lies? Not always. The truth is that just about any man can become a jerk if a woman is easily seduced. (Jerks most often eventually fail when the woman / women in their lives catch on to the empty promises.) We men can be very lazy creatures. We think why go overboard with energy and effort for a woman we’re already sure of? Why? Well because she can wake up someday and get tired of our laziness and shut it all down, but that’s another article…

What you can learn from jerks is to really listen to a woman, and then take your promises to the next level by actually delivering (don`t make the `nice guy` mistake of trying to attract a woman with promises -- make sure that she`s attracted first). What’s she interested in? Classical music? Horses? Wine tasting? What would she like to try that she’s never done before? Scuba diving? Snow boarding? Photography? If you’re really interested in a woman be open to both experiencing the things she likes, and venturing forth into new areas with her. Will you enjoy yourself? Nope, not always, but sometimes you’ll have a blast - and you’ll have learned something new.

Above All

Move forward with confidence. Players, bad boys and jerks expect to succeed with women – and so they do. Confidence is a great aphrodisiac. Confidence along with being tuned into the woman who are interested, confidence along with listening to the women who are interested, and confidence along with thrilling the women who are interested are a winning combination.