Many years ago cocoa was discovered and eventually they added sugar to make "chocolate". So even dark chocolate has sweet cane sugar in it, making all chocolate "interracial".

Whether you eat white chocolate or dark chocolate the mix in your mouth is delightful and delicious, and `mix` is the entire premise of interracial dating.

Men and women are no different.

To avoid comments like "jungle fever", which coincidentally are idiotic, let us address what the exotic passion really is, "erotic". If we confined this topic to purely blacks and whites we would be limiting the countless fundamental cultural differences between us all that intrigue and excite us.


"Once you go black you never go back". This statement is as old as the Benny Hill show. Not to discredit the legitimately lengthy African-American men out there, but the initial quote was based on the myth that "all black men have a big dick". Not all black men have a big dick and not all white men dance poorly.

I will avoid too much medical jargon here and just point out that many black men do not have as much "elasticity" in their penis as white men. The penis of a white man will protrude and retreat in size based on this theory where the black mans penis stays relatively the same in length, hard or flaccid. So, in the shower scenes and at the pool, black men look bigger.

All men of every race are built differently, trust me, I once saw a porn where a 5`6" Pakistani man had a penis so big it was like a babies arm. That was not the funny part; he was screwing a woman in her 50`s who could take every brown inch right in her backdoor. This was a match made in heaven, though I do not recommend renting "amateur" porn ever again. The point is we are all different and many people naturally want to experience something different.

I am not surprised when I see a smoking hot platinum blonde with huge ta-tas walking down the street with a 6`4" black linebacker. That must be erotic for them both during sex, seeing intense and sometimes "taboo" differences that turn them on. Sometimes "that" is the turn on, not the sex. The "act" and "seeing" that other person of color consume us or engulf our bodies can be so stimulating mentally that the sex is merely a bi-product.


I am an active single with varying tastes, and living in Los Angeles interracial dating is often the norm. I see Latina women and I go crazy. I love their caramel skin and black silky hair, all framing full lips and eyes that look like "chocolate kisses in pools of cream"... ah, Mochahontas...

Black girls always have the best ass and hips. If any one culture knows how to "slang dem hips" it is our African American sisters. Black women walk the walk and talk the talk. By far the most direct women I have ever met that let you know they want to have sex with you. And that ass…oh that ass.

Asian women have the market cornered in two areas; soft skin and being submissive. Ladies from the Far East have milky silky soft skin that you want to put in your mouth until it melts. Moreover, in bed they are about pleasing their man, even if the guy wants her finger in his bum, she will accommodate, gladly and submissively.

White girls are the trophy! Nothing says hot sex like a little "co-ed girl next door". I also believe that white women have the best breasts on the planet. If you don`t believe me than take up this discussion with the million plus subscribers to Playboy magazine, who for years have showcased beautifully breasted blonde bombshells. Many of these women are bisexual as well…bonus.

I only named four types of women to date for only a couple of reasons. There are many more men out there with even broader tastes of broads. Most people date people of "other races" because they want a change, not to be bored with a partner that literally lives a life that is a repeat performance of their own.

The joys of interracial dating are all the above; erotic, different, new, exciting, taboo and even naughty. The perils of interracial dating can loom large depending on the circumstances and social environment. If you live in predominantly white part of the Deep South and you want some dark meat, I highly suggest taking a vacation to the Caribbean and get your groove on down there to determine if dark chocolate "is" your preference.

Some people are uncomfortable with interracial dating and can be pretty loud about it. Nobody enjoys confrontation, so if you live in a less liberal area that might produce backlash at any level, take your game elsewhere.

The city or inner city action is the best place to find interracial dating. If you go to clubs in the city (any city) then you can leave your conservative closet country boy act behind. In the city, anything goes.

Hell, Robert Deniro generally dates only black women. That guy can have anyone he wants and the Taxi Driver loves dark chocolate. Good for you Bobbie!

The city is not the only place to find other flavors, but you will find more of them there and more willing participants.

Most cities are a melting pot of diverse backgrounds offering many different choices or "flavors" that your hometown may not. If you live in the city - go for it! Nothing should bother or worry you about dating women out of your race.

The women of color out there may just be waiting for your flavor to show up.