So, odds are, you don't need any pointers from me on how to choke the chicken. Spank the monkey. Flog the bishop. You get the idea. But if you're looking to re-invent your sex life, you can make mutual masturbation with your partner a great way to increase the pleasures of foreplay and yes, even climax.

What Mutual Masturbation Can Do For You Both

If you and your partner are new to one another's bodies, mutual masturbation is a great way to start intimate encounters. Here's the big secret: many women actually prefer handplay and cunnilingus to intercourse. Why? Because the clitoris doesn't get the same kind of love from a pounding penis as from a skilled finger or a talented tongue.

Masturbation also offers a lot of opportunities for sharing. The best way to enjoy masturbating with a partner is to make sure both sides are pleasuring each other, rather than one person doing all the work at one time. This will create a heightened sexual moment and encourage both parties to enjoy the charge between both people. And hey, good giving often encourages extra effort from your partner, so everyone wins!

Another advantage of having mutual masturbation in your sex life is that you'll both be given a lot of control in how long you want to prolong or expedite the climax. This is great if you've got the candles lit and are looking to really get each other off - rather than a fast rumble in the sheets followed by a courteous, "thanks for playing!"

Supplies and Suggestions

Having a gentle lubricant handy is ideal to get the most from mutual masturbation. Several brands are available from any drugstore that will do the trick - preferably you'll want to use water-based lubes. If you want to really make the most from your pleasure sessions, invest in some good quality lubes like what you'll find at a Hustler store or other erotic shop. These lotions are generally formulated for the extremely sensitive skin that you'll be working with. Another advantage to some specialty lotions is that water-based lubes are edible, meaning if you decide to change gears and go down on one another, you're not stuck with try to rinse off the oil or consuming lubricant by the tablespoon. If you're not sure what's right for you, ask for help at your local erotic shop.

When starting your pleasure session, it's advisable to make sure you both have very clean hands - nobody wants to get dirt down there! This is true of almost any sexual escapade though - cleanliness is a good thing. Get dirty and sweaty during - not before.

One more reminder: make sure both of you take off your rings and bracelets. If you're both shaved, bracelets might be okay, but you want to avoid getting hairs caught in watches or jewelery while you're trying to rev up the engines.

Positions and Techniques

First and foremost, mutual masturbation provides a lot of opportunity to be completely connected to your partner's pleasure. You won't be face-deep in her crotch, and you won't be in the throes of intercourse; you'll both be able to communicate about what feels good or what doesn't. Talking dirty to each other while you're masturbating each other is sure to feed the fire and increase sexual pleasure (assuming you don't say anything incredibly dense like calling out another girl's name, or worse, her pet's).

Probably the easiest first way to set up yourselves for mutual masturbation is to lie slightly upright on a bed facing each other. This way you'll be able to relax (because you won't have your body in an uncomfortable or energy-sapping position), and you'll both be able to reach each other. Once you've found comfortable positions, it's time to start lubing up and getting down to business. If you've already started fooling around, she might even have enough natural lubricant so that you don't need to apply any on your hands. The secret to lubricant is to remember you can always apply more later. If it gets too slippery, the friction is diminished. As friction goes, so does pleasure; so keep the amount of lubricant limited to just a small amount every few minutes.

Use your fingers and palms to explore her inner thighs and her lower abdomen; if you create physical tension in her upper legs, your touch on her labia will set off a wave of relaxation and amplify her pleasure.

Another great way to find out how she wants to get off is to have her hand guide yours to find her pleasure spots. Not every woman is the same; what worked on one might not work on another. Just like you know what feels best for you, she'll know what she wants you to do to her. Follow the exact motions her fingers make so you can learn where to touch and how much pressure to apply. Depending on her mood, it might be fast and furious, or calm and caressing. On the flipside, you may have to show her the best way to please you as well. Some women just go for a zero-pleasure tugging session thinking that's all it takes. Encourage her to explore your body as well, and to caress everything that you've got to offer.

Other Positions and Techniques

As long as it feels good, there's no right or wrong way to do anything in the bedroom. Try experimenting with different positions. One of the best ones is to have your back pressed against the headboard or wall, upright. Put her body on top of yours facing each other. This will give her a great angle to work on you, and you can slide your fingers against her spread thighs. Another position is the 69 (facing one another's genitals), but make your fingers and hands do the work your mouth normally would. Even slipping a tongue in to the action won't hurt, right?

And remember, as with any sexual opportunity with your partner, don't be selfish! The more you give, the more you'll receive in the end. Mutual masturbation can be your entire session, or just the starting point to an evening of erotic and sensual lovemaking. Take the time to explore each other's bodies and you'll enjoy the experience, as well as guarantee a satisfying, climactic finish!

Source: Seductioninsider