Discussing the sizes of penises is the last thing a man wants to do unless he's pretty sure he's well endowed. Talking about it with your straight buddies gets a little awkward, and to do so with your female friends is humiliating. Your gay friends don't count since they know too much dick information about dicks in general, and you don’t want to know that much. So you secretly seeked information from the net and found us.
Guess what? You’ve done the right thing! Here, we lay out the bare penis facts and dish out the dirty details on your man tool. And to put your self-doubt to rest, we let the women speak too.

Understand This

Fact: the average penis size is 5.5 inches. Based on an extensive study undertaken in 1942, worldwide medical institutions agree that the average erect size of the adult penis is between 5.5 - 6.2 inches in length, and 4.7 – 5.1 centimetres in girth.

The problem with men is that we don’t talk about our penises as loosely as a women would discuss (and touch each other’s) breasts and vaginal issues. And we’re sure none of us would want to take that sharing trip down to peepee land. But on the flipside, this deprives us of first-hand information about the penis in general. The only penis you’ve probably seen erected other than yours is the pornstars’, which for decades have created a false perception in our minds about what really satisfies women. As a result, the claims and myths about penis sizes become an outright falsehood.

Now shrug off that self-pity face. If all the statistics above doesn’t do it for you, get a load of this: Another study involving 50,000 heterosexual men and women on 'perception of size' found that 85% of women are satisfied with their partner’s penile size. However, only 55% men said they are satisfied with their own sizes. Doesn’t this speak volumes? Yes, men are very concerned about size, while what it takes to please your woman, really, is your self-worth and esteem. That, and of course your bedroom techniques.  

Listen to Women

If your source for reality of a woman's world has been Sex and the City, you’re a dead man. You should know that women are much more lenient than Samantha Jones when it comes to size. There are without a doubt women who think size is very important, and they usually love aggressive sex. It's like how big breasts are overrated, while the truth is most men are fine with firm, moderate cup sizes.

Janet Salim, 25, puts this matter into perspective, “What breasts are to women is like what the penis is to men. We feel less sexy when we have small breasts, eventhough not completely flat chested.  The same goes to men who think that having huge penises make them somewhat manlier. But the truth is I know a lot of women who have great sex with men with standard penis sizes.”

Listen to what Megan Chia, 31, had to say: “Most women I know don't feel as if they were dealing with ‘second-rate’ property if they weren't being stuffed with a Rocco Sifferdi worth of penises.”

According to Elizabeth Chan, 28, chances are that women who are naked with you in bed usually have better things on their minds than measuring your penis. “Though it is important to seek help when you get more than one woman asking, ‘Is it in yet?’ while you’re penetrating them fully,” adds Elizabeth.

The Technique

What a revelation! So let's get down to business. We now know that women don’t really prioritize the importance of size, but appreciate what you can do with it. The simple truth remains: a penis of any size can bring orgasms to women, if you make the most of what you’re born with. And if that means intense foreplay every time you have sex with a woman, then do it. Stimulating her clit constantly during intercourse does not mean you’re less of a man; it means you know how to please a woman. In fact men with large penises do it too, so don't feel that you have to do it because you're not sizeable. Do it to please your lady!

Remember that for women, foreplay matters the most. Indeed, a man’s tongue will pretty much win any woman over, so combine that with your regular sex positions and she’ll come back for more, we promise.