Most men will proudly claim they “know their way around a woman’s body,” but even the most accomplished lover must admit that certain intricate aspects remain a mystery. Therefore, the best way to illuminate the darker corners of the female anatomy, those corners that will glow in pleasure when a light is cast upon them, is to go directly to the source.

I recently sat down with some of my gay and bisexual friends, women who aren’t shy about spilling the goods about their girl-on-girl experiences. Although I’m certain you are confident in your bedroom abilities, most of you secretly wish to know of the X-factor -- that one missing skill from your repertoire that can escalate your encounter from a standard rated-R scene to the neighbors turning to each other and saying, “My God, someone’s killing her in there!” These liberal ladies I spoke to know things. So here’s what I learned from their girl-on-girl experiences.

Pay attention to everything

All men will have to concede the following fact: they are all, at one time or another, shortsighted. In other words, when things begin to heat up, the man will quickly target the obvious erogenous zones and set up camp, essentially ignoring the majority of the woman’s body. This classic mistake is what I learned from their girl-on-girl experiences, and any gay or bisexual woman will tell you: it’s all about loving the entire being -- caressing the soul through the expansive caresses of the body. Keep moving slowly until you touch an unexpected spot that will send an electric shock wave up her spine. Perhaps it’s the nape of her neck, the small of her back or even her wrists; your movements should encompass her body from head to toe, and your ministrations should be smooth and inflamed with desire.

Have a soft touch

This applies to men who continue to suffer from the belief that the preferred, masculine technique centers squarely on aggressive passion. Now, there is a time and a place for everything, but if you haven’t mastered a soft touch, you’re little more than a one-trick pony. What I learned from their girl-on-girl experiences is that women gravitate toward other women because they’re works of art, they’re soft and tender, and above all else, they respond to those who appreciate the delicateness of their constitution. A woman’s body is more sensitive (as clearly indicated in the previous hint), and with gentle fingertips and subtle lips, you can take full control of her sexual urgings. You can increase the level of firmness when she responds to something in particular, but you must restrain baser impulses and refine your approach.