In a survey, 800 women tell Mens Health what a man should wear if he wants his clothes torn off.

42% of women say, "If I'm sharing your bed, sleep in boxers."
Save your PJ bottoms for solo nights. Women want our sleeping companions in boxers, or nude. However, 58 percent of us prefer a man in boxer briefs for everyday wear. Go with cotton or microfiber, the sexiest-ranking fabrics, according to the ladies.

Her Other Choices
34% Nothing; sleep naked
11% Boxers and t-shirt
9% Pajama pants
3% Pajama pants and t-shirt
Less than 1% Flannel Pajama set

26% of women say the shoes you should own—and wear often—are leather loafers.
Women size up a man's shoes as indicators of his overall sense of style, social status, and cash flow. What we see in the man in loafers is a casual elegance that hints at a sensual life of sauvignon blanc on the beach and lazy Sunday breakfasts in bed.

Her Other Choices
15% Dress Boots
14% trainers
14% wingtip dress shoes
13% running shoes
9% leather sandals
8% rubber flip-flops
7% cowboy boots

54% of women say you look hottest in faded vintage-style jeans.
With proper care, a pair of jeans, like a relationship, can last a lifetime. Maybe that explains why we love seeing your butt covered in worn-in denim, a spot of thigh showing through a hole. You seem like you'd be a loyal boyfriend; that you won't throw us away at the first sign of fray. Top with a bright sweater, the perfect contrast to your blues.

Her Other Choices
34%  Dark, clean denim
5% Tight, George Michael-style
4%  Baggy, hip-hop-style
3% Ripped, rock 'n' roll style

85% of women say flat-front pants are hot.
To say that women dislike pleated pants is the understatement of the century. Why do we want our men to lose those baggy, saggy reminders of a bygone era, in favor of the modern sleekness of flat-front pants? We don't like to sleep with men who dress like our grandfathers.

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