According to science, being suspicious about your partner doing stuff behind your back can make you act out in many different ways. The latest research from Oakland University found that guys who are convinced that their girl may be messing around are more likely to go down more often.

The study involved surveying 231 men in relationships, and asked each a series of questions about their sex life and their partner to accurately predict the chances of female infidelity. The results showed that the more a guy’s answers indicated his woman might be cheating, the more often he performed oral sex.

And the weirdness doesn't end there. Here are three more weird signs she may be cheating, according to research:
Going deep. Men who subconsciously believe their women may have other suitors are more likely to “perform deeper and more vigorous” thrusts during sex, finds a study from Florida Atlantic University. The researchers say this is an attempt to “displace” another man’s semen. Let’s move on.

She gets around. Literally. Women who are ovulating and actively seeking new partners walk around more, finds a UCLA study that employed step counters. The researchers hypothesize that increased mobility ups the number of men a woman is likely to encounter. (Or she could just like walking . . .)

Personality pitfalls. Openness, cleverness, and outgoingness are all female personality traits that research has tied to a greater likelihood of cheating, finds a study in Personality and Individual Differences.
Of course, these signs are not solid proof that your lady has been seeking a little side action. But if you do feel that something is off, you'd be better off confronting her about it instead of waiting for science to give you a sign.

via Men's Health