Some ladies are a menace to our reasons for living. It's just unfortunate that the problems you have with her are irreparable and right about now you're thinking of letting the reins go. We know the feeling of having her claw into your skin, continuously nagging and picking on you for things that you have done or have not done. But don't break up with her just yet.

Be a gentleman. Save her the embarrassment. Be patient. And if you can, re-evaluate your relationship, pull her aside to voice out your concerns (dislikes), just to get her in the loop. No one likes a breakup surprise anyway. If you reach a mutual agreement to separate before Christmas, you're a lucky man. Otherwise, here are reasons why you should wait a little more and present your decision after the new year has begun.

1. The Festive Season Will Bring Out Your Sensitive Side

Not having her around your family and friends will have them asking about her, and that will bother you during the holidays. Instead of celebrating, they'll be trying to console you and convince you that you're going through a rough time. If you sincerely miss her this will escalate your sensitive feelings and you will either be

a) snappy
b) sad
c) depressed
d) reminiscent and even more depressed.

If you don't miss her at all and are actually really looking forward to a major celebration you will be:

a) annoyed with people asking you
b) tired of hearing her name
c) bothered that other people are so nosy

2. Birth Of The Psycho Bitch

We don't know what your girlfriend is like, but we do know that girls, when feeling very lost and hurt get sucked into a strange psychotic realm of denial, contempt, revenge, and immediate depression. Their reality is instantly crushed and you're the bullseye on a dart board.

What goes through her mind:

a) How DARE he, and on Christmas too! There must be another woman. Maybe he wants to introduce another woman to his family. Is he embarrassed of me?
b) Bastard. I'm going to make sure he suffers and never finds anyone new. Bastard.
c) I'm useless. I can't live without him.

Within a week, your reputation on the Bachelor market would experience a rapid decline, and you'll be hearing rumours like "That bastard dumped his girlfriend at Christmas. Couldn't he have done it after? The poor girl is in pieces!"

Girls have a fine way of getting sympathy on her end. Unless your girlfriend is strongly disliked by everyone you know, her tears of sorrow will pierce the hearts of your circle of friends. Thus begins a chain effect of her checking up on you, digging for more substantial information, throwing tantrum phonecalls at you, standing in front of your place waiting for you to come home, and the list goes on.

It is possible she'd do this if you split up with her, period. But don't let Christmas be a reason for her to use against you.

3. She's Probably Got You Something Special

Girls go through a longwinded thought process of what to get her boyfriend for his birthday, Valentine's, and Christmas. She's probably spent a lot of time pondering ideas of what to get you for Christmas. This is where you use your good heart and thank her. And do the dumping deed after the holidays are over. Of course this could be hard if youre girlfriend is a tough nut to deal with, because you wouldn't be arsed with her feelings. Just be nice anyway. It's Christmas!

Good luck. It's the season to be Merry. So be Merry, and save the frustration for later.