Oranges and figs be aphrodisiacs, but are certainly not the only fruits you can use to make a woman reach orgasm, fast and furiously. Getting a woman to orgasm using her clitoris is a simple task, because all it takes are a few basic tricks. Almost all men-even those who've passed with flying colours in ladies' toilet-conversations-feel a bit lost as soon as they face the lips down there. Learn the skills and you will become an extremely hot commodity.

From beginner level to expert, there's something new to learn for everybody. So take out your black books, start taking notes and envisage the orgasmic returns you'll get on your invested time. Nothing is impossible, especially this. You can achieve it with these simple lessons. Pay attention. The class is now in progress.

1. The best way to get her to orgasm quickly is to slow down
As counter-intuitive as it sounds, spending time preparing your woman will definitely save you hours later. In fact, the time you take before going down on her is inversely proportional to the time you'll have to spend actually down there. She'll feel self-conscious if she's taking ages to come and will be inclined to fake it to save your ego. This also means you won't risk getting a locked jaw in the process.

A good way to prepare her is to share a sexy shower or bath. This not only ensures you can enjoy eating her, it also takes her mind off work or other worries, and will ease her own concerns about whether she's clean enough to relax when you head downstairs. Once she's all hot and steamy, relax, start with some chit chat and then get on to business.

2. Coax her into purring mode
You need to tease her genitals, not commit an invasion. While you're kissing, press a thigh between her legs and grind in. Move it up and down between her legs. It's the washing-machine-on-spincycle principle-the overall vibration has a greater arousing effect than just using a finger or two. This type of indirect contact with her clitoris and vagina is a great way to get her warmed up.

Then move down and nibble her through her skirt as a teasing prelude until she starts grinding on your face-she'll soon be in a hurry to strip to her knickers. Which is when you can try breathing and licking on her labia through her panties. This type of titillation ensures that when you finally do touch down on her clitoris, there's an explosive reaction

3. Read her lips to find your way to her clitoris
To get her to orgasm in the quickest time possible, you need to be able to locate her clitoris with ease.

By far the easiest way to locate any woman's clitoris is to use her inner lips, or labia minora, as a guide. Follow them along from the bottom (closest to her behind) until they come together towards the top (belly button side). Just above that is a fleshy horizontal fold. That's the clitoral hood. Put a finger above that and gently pull up, towards her belly. This will expose a small feshy knob-that's her clitoris.

These little epicenters of pleasure come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some clitorises hide, others jump out; some women have larger outer lips while others have none; and some women have hefty clitoral hoods that need to be pulled back to get to the love button. So there's simply no way you can know exactly where her clitoris is nor how to touch it until you've explored it thoroughly.

Take a good look once you've found it. You'll see it doesn't look like a button the way a nipple does- it's the same colour as her inner lips which makes it a little tricky to see, but it does stand proud off the surrounding area when it's fully aroused and engorged with blood. All courtesy of you, of course!

4. Plums provide the right pressure test
Once you've located her clitoris, use your thumb to gently stroke it. Her responses will let you know if you're doing well. If you're in doubt, ask her. But don't ask her "Does that feel good?" because it's vague. Ask her "Do you like it faster?" or "Do you want it harder?" That way, you'll get a more honest answer.

Some girls have very sensitive pleasure knobs and they may not like direct touch immediately. If that's the case, try caressing from the outside of the hood.

To get an idea of what kind of pressure to apply, use a ripe plum or peach. First, run your finger tips across the surface of the plum. If your fingernails or fingers are too rough or jagged, they'll tear the skin-that means they'd tear the skin of a woman too, so use a nail file and some moisturiser to smoothen them. Now, hold the plum with both hands, cupping it so that the fingertips of one hand touch the tips of the other. Slowly press in with the fingertips from your little finger to the index finger, as if you're massaging in a wave. If the plum splits open on the first go around, you're doing this too hard.

When you're doing this on her, cup her whole vulva in your hands. Squeeze gently, and then begin the move. Avoid the urge to penetrate her. Warm her up from the outside first.

5. She may not know it, but what she'll really enjoy is a good shafting
Attached to a woman's clitoris is the clitoral shaft-manipulate it to give her the female equivalent of a hand-job. The clitoris you see is just the head of a nerve bundle that goes up into her body. You can find the shaft if you gently, but firmly, grasp around the upper labia, including the clitoris and clitoral hood, using your fingers. You'll feel something like a thin electrical cable-the clitoral shaft. Keeping the grip, slowly stroke that bundle. It's something most women never experience.

6. Learn the 'how tos' with Polo mints
This may sound a bit ridiculous, but it works. Take a Polo mint and pop it in your mouth, placing it between the front of your teeth and lips. The hole is her clitoris. Use your tongue tip to trace a circular pattern in one direction and then the other. Then poke the hole with your tongue. Sweep the hole from bottom to top and side to side, circle again and then poke. Repeat until the Polo breaks. You can practise this anywhere, at any time. Women orgasm through consistent rhythmical stimulation so once she's enjoying a particular move, don't change what you're doing.

7. Try touching, tapping, stroking and blowing too
Some women love a light genital tapping. This encourages blood to the surface and charges the nerve endings. Place your thumb and forefinger around the clitoral hood, while gently pinching the clitoris. Now gently roll it around between your fingers. Pull the hood up, exposing the clitoris-give it a gentle blow of breath. Then, with the lightest touch, use a lubricated fingertip to stroke it in different directions to see which she likes best.

8. Use the trunk of your tongue to show your true power
It's time to lick her lips, but not literally (not yet anyway). Use your intimate friend, the plum-if you've been practising your hand massage technique, it should have split by now. Take it in the palm of your hand and press your tongue against the split. Use the thick, middle part of your tongue on the base of the split and slowly sweep up. Try pressing and stroking with different pressures and speeds. When it comes to the real thing, her moans will be a sure indication of what sends her crazy.

The tongue is an amazing muscle, so use it to its full capacity. After a few long strokes that gently massage her whole vulva, add a tongue-tip flick at the upper end of the split plum. The combination of stimulation on her inner lips and the tickle of your tongue-tip on her clitoris sends her into a pleasure spin. To train your tongue, use the plum again. Lick the inside of the split in the plum, trying to get to the seed-core. And if you've done that, try to extract the stone. This exercise works your tongue muscles, increasing your power and stamina when performing cunnilingus.

9. Kissing a bag brings you closer to being the king of cunnilingus
Put a Tic Tac inside a small, clear plastic sandwich bag and hold it taut. Kiss the bag and then suck until you can hold and trap the Tic Tac (her clitoris) using your lips and suction power alone. It is important not to grip with your teeth or bite down on her- that will hurt her so badly that you'll end it all there and then.

Once you've mastered that, try this next, more advanced step. When you suck the Tic Tac just inside your lips, use your tongue and drive at it with the tip just as you did when you were sucking on the Polo mint. This is truly advanced clitoris sucking and licking-it gives her the equivalent feeling you get when she sucks strongly on the head of your penis.

10. If she stops moving, you're doing an amazing job
Pay attention to how she moves her hips when you are going down on her. If she's grinding or moving about, don't follow that motion with your mouth or change your rhythm to suit. Stay as you are and allow her to find the right spot or movement to get her to orgasm. She's just adjusting the positioning, so if you move with her, you're spoiling her efforts. Keep your mouth doing just what you were doing and let her do the fine-tuning herself.

Even better, tell her you'll let her adjust her ride. That'll give her the freedom to move and will help you out too, making the whole process easier and more successful every time you actually go down on her.

If she suddenly freezes in a position, holding her hips up while tensing her abs to stay as she is, it means only one thing-you're getting it perfect. If you continue as you were, keeping the pace and pressure steady, she'll begin to feel fantastic waves of pleasure emanating from her clitoris to all over her body. This will have the effect of making her whole body shake and shudder uncontrollably, but don't stop now. Keep going until the shuddering slows and her body becomes limp. Her face will have a flushed look of total bliss, and you'll most likely have a big smile on yours.