If you haven't been to nude beach yet, now would be a great time to make plans. Besides "catching the sights," there are a few other observations that you really can't find anywhere else. Hit the list below to learn a few tricks about chatting up with the ladies (even when they’re wearing clothes):
Lesson 1: Do accessorize
People will always try to express their individuality through their attire, even when they have nothing to wear. Nudists never show up completely empty-handed - they'll always bring at least something (hats, visors, fancy sunglasses, etc.)

What You Can Learn: Women pay attention to details. Men who buy flashy products find it easier to attract women because it works. Of course, flashy cars and accessories only work if you want a short-term partner. So if a casual relationship is what you're looking for, make sure you pick the right accessories.

Lesson 2: Do have good posture

Poor posture is unforgivable. The same can be said for 'that guy' whose man-bits somehow always becomes the center of attention. Sure it's expected on a nude beach, but after a while it can get pretty awkward especially if you're trying to have a conversation.

What You Can Learn: Straight, open posture shows authority and confidence. When you’re talking to a woman, you want to be relaxed and standing tall, not slouched.

Lesson 3:
Don’t Be Too Self-Deprecating
If you're going to be nude in public, you might as well get comfortable about your scars and jiggly bits. Maybe that's why nudists aren't perturbed about poking fun at their own flaws.

What You Can Learn:
While a little humility or self-deprecating humor can seem attractive, it all depends on the circumstances. If your flaw is obvious, then acknowledge it in a light-hearted way to ease the tension. But don’t do it in such a way that all the attention is going towards the imperfection.

Lesson 4: Don’t go straight to the “invite”

Unless you're a regular and hanging out (pun intended) with friends, casual acquaintances here aren't exactly going to be eager to meet up with you after you've seen them in the buff.

What You Can Learn:
Opening liners that come across as an instant invite will make the woman think you’re only hitting on her because of her looks. Focus on starting a conversation with her first. If she’s into it, then offer to buy her a drink. This lets her know that you think she's hot AND that you want to continue engaging in conversation.