There's no denying that women are extremely sensitive when it comes to their weight. Simply bringing it up can leave her feeling insecure, depressed, and less confident. Which is why the words "You’ve gained weight," often has such a profound effect on a woman's self-esteem.

But what if she asks you about it? We're not saying you should lie. Instead, approach the subject without adding insult to injury. Below are a few helpful suggestions that can save your relationship and help you both shave a few pounds:
Invest in your own health
If you’re worried her weight gain could be affecting her health, try a less-direct approach. Rather than focusing on her physique and imperfections, focus on yours, and explain that you want to watch what you eat and start exercising more. This can inspire her to do the same.

Avoid relationship ruts

There's no doubt that when relationships become more serious, couples tend to slide into a “comfort zone,” which is when weight gain becomes more common since you’re no longer trying to impress your partner 24/7. So give her a reason to feel sexy again by switching up your routine. Try out new activities together: visiting a local art gallery, getting cozy at the cinema, or visiting fun music venues. And whatever you do, don’t rely solely on dinner-dates.

Sign up for a race

This is a great way of combining the first two tips. Not only will you invest in your health, signing up for a race together will add more excitement to your relationship. If she's hesitant, then explain to her that you don’t have the motivation to do it on your own. That way, she’ll feel needed and inspired to join you.