Want to take a walk on her wild side? Here's a few tips on how to get your lady roaring for some bedroom shenanigans:
Awaken Her Senses. The best way to unleash her inner sex-goddess is by helping her to relax. To do this, try igniting her senses. Whether it’s auditory, visual, tactile, or kinesthetic—the focus should be taking her mind off every day stress. We suggest a sensual massage, because the one-on-one contact can help heighten her sexual arousal.

Share Your Fantasies.
If you really want her to show you her sexual side, you may have to reveal yours first to help bring her out of her shell. By going first, this opens up the door for her to explore her wild side and share her desires. A little role playing can work wonders, so pick a specific night to act out your fantasies and remember to explain to her how sexy you think she is and tell her what turns you on.