The next time you’re trying to impress your date, it pays to keep in mind that women are very intuitive when it comes to selecting potential mates. Here are few things to that women tend to focus on when sizing someone up:
Your Skin. A study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology, showed that people preferred evenness in men’s skin, due to it’s association with youth, health, and attractiveness. People appear more youthful and attractive if they have a more even skin tone, so always remember to shave and moisturize before you go on your date!

The Way You Dress. What's point of having a good looks and a great personality if you're going to show up on your first date looking like a slob? When it came down to physical must-haves, style almost always tops the 'good first impression' list.

Your Sense of Humor. There's no denying that women love a guy with a good sense of humor.  Obviously it’s important to make her laugh, but being able to laugh at yourself also says a lot about your character.

Your Before-Sex Routine. Women love pillow talk before sex, even science says so! Researchers who surveyed women about their post-coital activities found that women rated intimate talk as “significantly more important” before sex than after because they want to access your level of commitment. So leave a little room for the sweet nothings before getting down to business/foreplay.

Your Reliability Factor. Unless she's clearly looking for nothing more than a hookup, most women tend to gravitate towards men who come off as more reliable. This is mainly due to how her brain is wired, namely her 'prefrontal cortex' (which happens to be bigger than yours). So as she’s sizing you up, she’s trying to determine many things at once: whether she’s comfortable with you or if you’re edgy lifestyle comes off as too risky.

In order to make a good impression on her, the key is kindness and courtesy (opening doors, being polite to waiters, etc.) This helps to bring her guard down, and will make her more eager to getting to know you better.