If Sex & the City is to be believed, most women don't mind talking about their sex life to their girlfriends, but not with their sex partners.


So what's the best way to get her to open up? Why not try indulging in the small talk AFTER sex. This relaxed, nonjudgmental atmosphere is one of the best times to ask. Plus, she'll appreciate you more for being sensitive. The key is to open up with a compliment about something she does that blows your mind. That way it’ll ease the awkwardness for when you pop the questions you want answered. Check out the list below for specifics on what questions to ask:
What You Want to Know: Did she come?
Tell her that seeing her orgasm is the best turn on. By letting her know you’ll do anything to see her climax, she’ll be more likely to be honest about telling you if she came.

What You Want to Know: Is she up for trying new positions?

If you’ve got a specific position in mind, tell her you had a dream last night about trying a hot new position. By taking the direct pressure off of you, she may be more willing to try and recreate this fantasy.

What You Want to Know: Am I going too fast?

Let her know how much you enjoy it when she’s on top and controlling the speed. By giving her more control over the tempo, it won’t be a surprise when you ask her about your thrusting techniques.

What You Want to Know: Does she need more clitoral stimulation?

One way to make any love-making session memorable is by working your ass off to get her off before you get down to business. After sex, tell her how hot it is when she climaxes during foreplay, and if there's anything else you could improve on.

What You Want to Know: Am I good at oral?

The easiest way to talk about your technique is to bring up hers first. Tell her you love the way she utilizes her tongue before asking her about what she likes. She’ll be more than comfortable in giving a few suggestions of her own.