We just watched How I Met Your Mother's latest episode and had a thought: How many of you have made "promises" with exes to get back together if the two of you are still single at a certain age? One too many perhaps. The backup plan.

Looks like science is going to rain on your backup plan after all. A new study from Kansas State University confirms that getting back with the ex, is a totally bad idea. Of course, its easier to pick up an old relationship than a new one, but its still a bad idea. MedicalXpress reports:

Findings showed that couples in a cyclical relationship tended to be more impulsive about major relationship transitions — like moving in together, buying a pet together or having a child together — than those not in a cyclical relationship. As a result, the couples in cyclical relationships tended to be less satisfied with their partner; had worse communication; made more decisions that negatively affected the relationship; had lower self-esteem; and had a higher uncertainty about their future together.

Having said that, we do hope Barney gets back together with Robin, anyway. Its TV folks!