Watch the signal

Plenty of men have mistaken a woman’s kindness for sexual interest. But we goof up in the opposite way, too. Men often miss clues that women are hot for them. Researchers at Indiana University showed men photos of women wearing a variety of outfi ts and asked them to interpret the ladies’ expressions. More than half of the 497 men thought lustful signals indicated other emotions, such as sadness or friendliness.

A dream diet
Scientists at Santa Clara University found that people who maintained healthy diets experienced more vivid dreams, including the sexual kind, than those who regularly ate fast food. Eating better, in fact, may lead to a more interesting night’s sleep overall. Research suggests that higher bloodsugar levels that are the result of weight gain or high-carb intake may reduce the amount of time spent in deep slumber. But how specifi c foods affect dreams (sexual or otherwise) is still unclear

Cellular damage
Future dads, beware! Using a cellphone may harm your sperm, report Cleveland Clinic scientists. They found that men who talked on their mobiles for two hours a day or more shot 31 per cent fewer swimmers. Phone frequencies may either heat body tissue, disrupting sperm production, or create harmful free radicals. “Take your phone out of your pocket when you can,” says study author Ashok Agarwal, PhD. “It may still emit harmful frequencies in standby mode.”

SIGNS (Understand the chemistry)
Best chest
Women’s lungs are less powerful than men’s. According to a Kansas State University study, female lungs have narrower airways and high levels of progesterone and oestrogen in women affect how effi ciently oxygen is exchanged.
Advantage: Men

Are you losing arguments at home? It may be because women have an inborn talent for language, say researchers at Northwestern University. Boys use one area of the brain to read words and another to listen, but girls use several regions at once
Advantage: Women