So you think you've met the girl of your dreams. The only problem is that no matter what, she insists that she's "Always right."

You think she'll eventually change her ways, maybe let you off a couple of times. But guess what buddy, that's likely NEVER going to happen, at least not in your lifetime.

Why? First of all, let me straighten you out on something. All couples don't argue. Ninety percent of couples argue. Ten percent of all couples sit down calmly and discuss things rationally. And, ironically, they have the healthiest relationships.

Perhaps you both have issues with your pride. But pride is a fault, not a virtue, so neither one of you could possibly be so prideful that you would place that above creating a supposedly loving relationship?

Do you want to actually be with a person forever who will never admit that she's wrong? Can you imagine what that is going to do to your Interest Level? Good luck to that, because you're going to need it.

And if your relationship somehow manages to last past more than just a couple of dates, then its something really sad to think about. You've let this woman step over so many boundaries, that the lines have been blurred to non-existence. You've officially succumbed to the fact that it's either "Her way, or the highway," in your relationship.

Are you still reading? Good. Because guess what, with this kind of woman, what you see is what you get. As Elvis Presley once said: "Well, a hard-headed woman, a soft-hearted man, been the cause of trouble ever since the world began."

You're doing all the compromising here, while your other half is only concerned on what is good for her. She never thinks about what is good for the relationship. Face reality. Your girlfriend is intransigent. She will never change. And you've wasted enough of your life trying to please her. Do you need to waste even more trying to figure this out?

The truth of the matter is this: If a woman never compromises, she will make you miserable over the long haul.