Ah, platonic relationships. Like 'em or hate 'em, it's the way of the world... unless of course, it happens to be your chick and her best "guy friend". Sure you can say to yourself "it's platonic," but deep-down inside you can't help but wonder whether that's really the case...

Wake-up and smell the coffee dude! Of course chicks and guys can have platonic relationships. So if your gal's best friend happens to be a guy, here's how you should handle it to ensure that you remain her no.1 man:

Don't express jealousy

First things first, don't express jealousy. It's likely that your girl has dumped many previous boyfriends because he couldn't handle the fact that her best friend is a guy. It's especially important to note that if you issue an ultimatum early on in the relationship, you will lose. Besides, jealousy makes you look insecure, especially if it's unfounded. You need more information before deciding how to act.

Meet the best friend

Tell your girlfriend you want to meet her best friend. It's the only way you'll be able to accurately assess their relationship. Does he stare at her longingly? Does she flirt with him? Remember to keep your jealousy in check. He's her friend, so she's naturally going to be comfortable hugging him and speaking confidentially to him. Your main objective here is to assess the competition.

Be nice to her best friend
You'd make an effort to be nice to her female friends right? So why should things be any different just because her best friend is a guy?

She's going to judge you based on how you treat her friends, so make a real effort every time he's around. Besides, if you're consistently nice to him, and he's consistently a dick to you, you'll be the nice guy who's making an effort, and he'll be the jerk.

Find out their history

As you determine whether or not her male best friend poses a threat, you need to find out more about their history. Casually ask whether she and her best friend were ever more than just friends. Keep the tone light and playful. Chances are that she and her best friend had at least one drunken make-out session back in high school. Make sure to find out as much about his romantic history as possible too. If he "never seems to find the right girl," it could mean he's still pining after your girl.

Phase him out

If her best friend is a guy, it's probably going to cause problems for your relationship, as there will always be another guy with whom she's emotionally intimate. Ultimately, if you want your relationship to succeed, you need to gradually become her "go-to guy," the first person she thinks to call whenever she has good or bad news. Here are some techniques to help you phase her best friend out of her life.

Find him a girlfriend

Make it a project with your girlfriend to find her best friend a girlfriend of his own. Suggest that the two of you start setting him up with single girls you know. Go on double-dates to facilitate the process.

Get her to talk about him

Another useful technique for phasing him out is to subtly get her to talk about him. Encourage her whenever she starts complaining about him. Be there whenever the two of them get into an argument. Remember, however, to assume a passive role. Insulting her best friend is not the way to her heart, so don't try badmouthing him yourself.

Remember, it's important to understand that women are going to have male friends. We're not saying that she has to ditch him in order to be with you or anything, but when it comes to commitment, "two's company, three's a crowd," if you catch our drift...